Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday Night Cross Lab

Meet at my place at 6:45 and we'll ride the course and jump on and off our bikes.

Congratulations to Gavin and Joanne on the arrival of their latest little boy - Henry Wiebe Faurschou - born Friday.  Woo-hoo!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menno Cross Report

The highlight of Menno Cross this year was the deluxe course and the shared experience of racing in mud and hurting.  The heavy rains earlier in the week made for a course that included sloppy, mushy, soul-sucking sections - perfect.  The warm weather, well organized race and big crowd  made for a great day.  And the faspa was delish.  Menno Cross tied the Southern Cross record of 132 registered riders - well done.  Time for us to step it up a notch.  Can we get 200? 

Team ABES consisted of Paul, Albert, Ben, Joelle, Seraya, Ariel, Charles, Austin, Me, Cheryl, Mia and Kate.  The kids did great and loved the mud - there was even a push-bike category.  There were 57 in the B race and ABES ruled the Citizen group.  Charles was slowly gaining on me in our race but ran out of time - lucky me.  Race results here.

Photos are currently in my camera in Winnipeg.  Check out other blog reports or maybe another ABE has some to share?  

Well done FGBC.  Great race.  JS.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Charles, Ben, Tom, Duke, Curt, Shaun and I rode for about an hour in a steady rain with strong winds – it was a good, soggy ride.  Paul and No-show met us at the clubhouse where a bar fight among local work crew members was brewing but never developed.  The Clubhouse Minutes include: Menno Cross attendance: Ben and kids, Chaz and son, Jeff and kids, Paul K, Albert, and my family (any others?) – go Team ABES!, the Bombers season pulling a Bowman, how to cook hashbrowns, Toms troubling lack of solicitors and his apple robbing confessors, neighbourly cinnimon buns, Jeff Healy – dead – “never saw it coming”, the slash-happy-canceller, poisonous birds, the secrets of The Elks, Leonard Skinnard tunes, floss-alarms, Lucky Larry, Duke loosing his two front teeth, peeing your pants/knee surgery, and Southern Cross race plates, volunteers, youth group invitations, and Shaun’s serving platter prizes - Sweet.  Good times.

Tom "safety first" Dueck
Post meeting fresh air break
View from the clubhouse

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

Thursday Night Ride is on.  

We’ll ride laps around town to gear up for Menno Cross this weekend where faspa and yarba will be the post race delights.  The ABES should take advantage of this opportunity to race and have a good time - I know Ben and his beard will.   JS

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Southern Cross Sponsor

Conquest Manufacturing has stepped up and agreed to supply 250 stakes for Southern Cross.  That is awesome.  Thanks Conquest - you made my day.  That and riding the course with Tom, and a couple of dudes who seemed to like bikes.

Eden Head for the Hills 2010

Eden Foundation "Head for the Hills" bike ride

Saturday's Head for the Hills ride was a great ride. The weather was perfect, the trails were good. Austin ended up being the youngest rider (9), and he rode his heart out on the trails. We managed to do the complete trail and Austin still had enough determination to speed up whenever one of the Tinker Creek boys passed us! The Bunge team all completed the ride, even though it was pretty tough for some of them. Great job guys! Harvey Wall even managed to win one of the bikes. What a sweet reward after a hard ride!
There were 97 riders in total, raising over $48,000. CK

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cross Lab

Cross Lab this Tuesday at 6:45.  

Open to anybody who wants to get ready for Southern Cross (or Menno Cross - this weekend).  We’ll ride the course and practice getting on and off our bikes without snapping posts or cracking nuts.  Can anybody get on their bike without the little hop?

See you on Tuesday.


A Head for the Hills report would be appreciated.  Anybody?   

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wildwood Cross Report

The first race of the year is in the books.  Ben and I raced, our kids raced, our wives cheered and it was a beautiful day.  Technical difficulties dogged the ABES crew - Ben needed to readjust his tire 4 times during the race and my seat post snapped off.  I walked it back to the finish line where Ian Hall lent me his bike (possibly the best bike i'll ever ride) for the final 2 laps - I couldn't clip in or figure out how to shift into a lower gear but I did appreciate being able to finish the race.  There was a big field of riders, lots of fans cheering/heckling, and a fast course to "enjoy".  Good times. 

Mia beating me up the hill
Vic daring me to pull his finger
Ben rocking the beard
seat post still in one piece  
I finally pass the dude in the wheelchair!
Next race on the docket - Menno Cross.  This race is open to the public and is a must for anybody who want to get a race under their belts without committing to an MCA license.  JS

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

A handful of ABES took it upon themselves to get a sneak peak at the Southern Cross course.  The sun had set but we followed our blinky lights through the tall prairie grass, over the hill and around the trees.  I love the layout of the course.  After one lap in the dark we went to kick Derrick off his couch and out to the clubhouse where we were also joined by no-show.  Clubhouse Minutes include: cross border shortcuts, the head for the hills ride, David's new e  ape, cfl bs, Jack Hammer beer, brain/a-hole perspectives, Forgetting Private Ryan, grade school teachers, God Save the Queen played on a recorder with the nose, Taints Pizza, Sweet Action, Vegas stories, poker on tv, Not Milk, and poutine and the porn star.  Good times.


The September Alley Cat will be on the 30th.

For those who want to get ready for Southern Cross, there will be Cross Lab every Tuesday at 6:45.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

  • There was big talk about a road ride this Thursday but little consideration about darkness or prudence. I didn't realize how fast the sun sets these days.  The road ride option will wait for a weekend.  This week we'll check out the Southern Cross course.  I like it.  If you have a bike computer handy, bring it.  Show up at 8:00.

Shaun, Steve, Tom, Charles and I pushed pedals around the dirt track tonight.  The course was in good condition.  Take advantage of it while you can.  JS

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride

The Moto Cross 10 track will soon be cultivated for a race in early October.  
The time is right to ride the track and prepare for the upcoming awesomeness that is Southern Cross.  Meet at ABES headquarters on Wednesday and we'll leave at 7:00 - sharp'ish.  JS

Friday, September 10, 2010

Southern Cross Website

Below is the link to the Southern Cross Website.


There will be a permanent link on the left side of the ABES blog.

Thursday Night Ride Report

Larry finally brings his road bike to the THNR - note the classic foam grips

Pre-ride BS

My daughter Kate showing off her sweet ABES shirt
David, Myron, Larry, Chris, Curt, Jeff, Chaz, Paul, Shaun, Gavin, and I pushed the winds and sped around town.  The pace was furious and eventually there was a split between the fast group and the cool group - fortunately we all knew where the finish line was.  Steve joined us at the clubhouse where Minutes include: the upcoming cross season, Southern Cross, the Vegas highlights: cirque, Penn and Teller, and playing blackjack for 5 hours with Verne Troyer aka Mini-Me, a potential 2012 road trip to Oklahoma for the NCAA basketball tournament, Larry’s ebay road bike from China, school forms galore, the BS of open liquer laws, David won tickets to Arcade Fire and a new A.C unit on Hot 103, and Victory Family Church converted Schiesse…to NASCAR.  Good times.  
Future ABES delights – Chris was interested in biking to the MCC relief sale in Morris this Saturday – either an early or mid morning departure - post a comment if you're interested.  Next week Thursday, 6:00 pm road ride to Rosetown, and the following week might be the next Alleycat.  And speaking of good times, check out this link... 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

My bike time has been waaay down lately.  THNR is just what I need - aside from more cowbell.  Anybody up for 2-3 uber laps around town?  8:00.  JS

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Present: TOM, Charles, Chris, Shaun, Larry, Steve, Trevor, Dwayne, Ben, Brian, Dan and Thomas (who did I miss this time?).  It was the introduction of Thomas to the ABES.  Giles headhunted Thomas and brought him into the MCI fold, and now into our fold.  I'm anticipating his salvation story to be featured in an upcoming clubhouse meeting.  Welcome Thomas.  Welcome back Larry and Dwayne as well.  Although Larry has mostly been known as no-show Barrio, he did win the race to the clubhouse - well done.  Tom led us out quickly and Giles was eager to jump to the gravel - it was good.  The short track course was in fine form and a future race should be considered.  DTwat and MyDyck joined us at the clubhouse with shirts lovingly folded and for sale.  The shirts were quickly snatched up and looked very fine on those lucky enough to buy one.  Clubhouse Minutes (at my half of the table): Team Bunge at the Head for the Hills fundraiser - 8 ABEs are riding too, Vegas plans/shows/bets/gun shop complimentary drinks,  Thomas was sporting his new cross bike - cousin Adam's ex - a beautiful Scattante, the awkward/ugly cyclist fight, Vince V Ed McMahon, Mrs. Roper V Mrs. Garret, riding the Daytona 500 track on a bus, Dating in the Dark V Chilean miners (sponsored by Oprah), tracker smurf V tickler smurf, the awesome/awkwardness of the pickle straw (patent pending), and how much Stinkler stinks like stupid stink.  Good times.  JS