Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Charles, Ben, Tom, Duke, Curt, Shaun and I rode for about an hour in a steady rain with strong winds – it was a good, soggy ride.  Paul and No-show met us at the clubhouse where a bar fight among local work crew members was brewing but never developed.  The Clubhouse Minutes include: Menno Cross attendance: Ben and kids, Chaz and son, Jeff and kids, Paul K, Albert, and my family (any others?) – go Team ABES!, the Bombers season pulling a Bowman, how to cook hashbrowns, Toms troubling lack of solicitors and his apple robbing confessors, neighbourly cinnimon buns, Jeff Healy – dead – “never saw it coming”, the slash-happy-canceller, poisonous birds, the secrets of The Elks, Leonard Skinnard tunes, floss-alarms, Lucky Larry, Duke loosing his two front teeth, peeing your pants/knee surgery, and Southern Cross race plates, volunteers, youth group invitations, and Shaun’s serving platter prizes - Sweet.  Good times.

Tom "safety first" Dueck
Post meeting fresh air break
View from the clubhouse

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