Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

A handful of ABES took it upon themselves to get a sneak peak at the Southern Cross course.  The sun had set but we followed our blinky lights through the tall prairie grass, over the hill and around the trees.  I love the layout of the course.  After one lap in the dark we went to kick Derrick off his couch and out to the clubhouse where we were also joined by no-show.  Clubhouse Minutes include: cross border shortcuts, the head for the hills ride, David's new e  ape, cfl bs, Jack Hammer beer, brain/a-hole perspectives, Forgetting Private Ryan, grade school teachers, God Save the Queen played on a recorder with the nose, Taints Pizza, Sweet Action, Vegas stories, poker on tv, Not Milk, and poutine and the porn star.  Good times.


The September Alley Cat will be on the 30th.

For those who want to get ready for Southern Cross, there will be Cross Lab every Tuesday at 6:45.



  1. Johnny, are you heading into town for the race tomorrow? Wanna carpool? Give me a call: 327-6548...

  2. Or email me...