Sunday, September 26, 2010

Menno Cross Report

The highlight of Menno Cross this year was the deluxe course and the shared experience of racing in mud and hurting.  The heavy rains earlier in the week made for a course that included sloppy, mushy, soul-sucking sections - perfect.  The warm weather, well organized race and big crowd  made for a great day.  And the faspa was delish.  Menno Cross tied the Southern Cross record of 132 registered riders - well done.  Time for us to step it up a notch.  Can we get 200? 

Team ABES consisted of Paul, Albert, Ben, Joelle, Seraya, Ariel, Charles, Austin, Me, Cheryl, Mia and Kate.  The kids did great and loved the mud - there was even a push-bike category.  There were 57 in the B race and ABES ruled the Citizen group.  Charles was slowly gaining on me in our race but ran out of time - lucky me.  Race results here.

Photos are currently in my camera in Winnipeg.  Check out other blog reports or maybe another ABE has some to share?  

Well done FGBC.  Great race.  JS.

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