Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Larry finally brings his road bike to the THNR - note the classic foam grips

Pre-ride BS

My daughter Kate showing off her sweet ABES shirt
David, Myron, Larry, Chris, Curt, Jeff, Chaz, Paul, Shaun, Gavin, and I pushed the winds and sped around town.  The pace was furious and eventually there was a split between the fast group and the cool group - fortunately we all knew where the finish line was.  Steve joined us at the clubhouse where Minutes include: the upcoming cross season, Southern Cross, the Vegas highlights: cirque, Penn and Teller, and playing blackjack for 5 hours with Verne Troyer aka Mini-Me, a potential 2012 road trip to Oklahoma for the NCAA basketball tournament, Larry’s ebay road bike from China, school forms galore, the BS of open liquer laws, David won tickets to Arcade Fire and a new A.C unit on Hot 103, and Victory Family Church converted Schiesse…to NASCAR.  Good times.  
Future ABES delights – Chris was interested in biking to the MCC relief sale in Morris this Saturday – either an early or mid morning departure - post a comment if you're interested.  Next week Thursday, 6:00 pm road ride to Rosetown, and the following week might be the next Alleycat.  And speaking of good times, check out this link... 


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  1. No-Show Barriault (Barrio...LOL)September 10, 2010 at 3:11 PM

    Little mix up on my E-bay bike! The bike I picked up on E-bay at a dealer in the USA, it sat at Nechi post office for 3 months till I was able to find someone to cross the boarder. The E-bay product that I got from Hong Kong for $.01 plus $6.99 postage is my wireless odometer....! :)

    Had a great ride yesterday as apposed to using the mountain bike last week, that was labor intensive......LOL