Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wildwood Cross Report

The first race of the year is in the books.  Ben and I raced, our kids raced, our wives cheered and it was a beautiful day.  Technical difficulties dogged the ABES crew - Ben needed to readjust his tire 4 times during the race and my seat post snapped off.  I walked it back to the finish line where Ian Hall lent me his bike (possibly the best bike i'll ever ride) for the final 2 laps - I couldn't clip in or figure out how to shift into a lower gear but I did appreciate being able to finish the race.  There was a big field of riders, lots of fans cheering/heckling, and a fast course to "enjoy".  Good times. 

Mia beating me up the hill
Vic daring me to pull his finger
Ben rocking the beard
seat post still in one piece  
I finally pass the dude in the wheelchair!
Next race on the docket - Menno Cross.  This race is open to the public and is a must for anybody who want to get a race under their belts without committing to an MCA license.  JS

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