Sunday, January 29, 2012

Barn Cross Photo's

Curt, Charles, Ben, Albert, Gavin, Cheryl, and I enjoyed ourselves riding bike in a barn.  Thanks for the good times FGRR.  You guys know how to do it right.  JS

Friday, January 27, 2012

ThNR Report

Gavin, Ike, Dan, James, David, Ben, Shaun, Myron, Curt, Steven and I  gathered at HQ and decided to test our skills with a night ride on the creek.  We made our way to Buffalo creek and rode north.  The open ice was trecherous but the snow covered sections were fun and ridable.  We cycled north until we ran out of snow to ride on, then hightailed it back to town on a gravel road.  It was a fun and challenging ride – defenitley worth repeating.  Ike wore warmer clothes this week but his slick road tires must have been a challenge on the creek.  He’s a trooper.  We gathered at the clubhouse where we were joined by Giles and Paul B.  The minute taker was feeling lazy.  We talked about many things.  Often very funny things.  You should have been there.  Good times.  JS

File photo of Giles at Steve's birthday party toast
 I’m still in need of a bike rack for Barn Cross.  Anyone?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thursday Night RIde

Thursday Night Ride – meet at my place at 9:00.  
There has been talk of a creek ride.
Reminder – Barn Cross is on Sunday.  This will be history in the making.  If you like good times you should plan on being there.  
Does anybody have a bike rack I could use on Sunday; either a hitch (1¼”) or a strap-on (giggle)?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday Night Ride Report

Albert, Curt, James, Shaun, Steven, Gavin, Duke, myself and ABES newbie Ike were out for a ride.  With the cold weather, I was hopeful that we would go straight to the clubhouse and skip the ride portion but everybody seemed ready to ride so stupid/awesome peer pressure led me to my bike.  Ike heeded my suggestion on the blog not to ride but the change of plans left him underdressed with sneakers and jeans for the coldest night of the year.  He stuck it out for the ride and was using his recent Kijiji purchase - a Mykado road bike with slick tires - nice.  Curt was also sporting a new bike last night – an Opus Phast carbon 29er – very nice.  Clubhouse minutes include: Barn Cross – Manitoba Indoor Cyclocross Championship - this will be stupid fun good times and everybody is invited, ThNCreek ride, clydesdale physics v physeeks, CBC’s This Is That – stealing American wind, no nicotine = RAGE, Shaun has cut his smoking down from a pack+ a day to 6.5 cigarettes = trip to Thailand, Steve recommends Beerfest, Curt was taken down by a blown hose at a local fire, taking care of trim, Duke is making me a shirt, David visited Jim Morrisons grave in Paris, the Doug Wall post-pounding legacy = new helmet laws, stalking Shaun, the Toews men have superhuman strength, and the Jets win.  Good times.

Anybody interested in a Sunday morning gravel road ride?  JS

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get On Your Bikes And Ride!

Every day this week has been the the coldest day of winter.  Good thing there's cycling.  And a warm clubhouse.  See you Thursday at 9:00.  JS

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Reports

It was a busy weekend of bikey goodness.   On Saturday Dan, Charles and I tried to navigate the creek.  The ice was stupid slippery, but we were stupider.  We rode for 3.5 hours and rode as fast as we could - about 5 km/h.  I stopped counting full-out spills at about a dozen, Dan had even more than I did and Charles was the steadiest on his fat tires and studs.  There were ridable sections when enough snow drifted for traction, but there were rolling mounds of ice that were hard to see until you were sliding down on your ass.  We came upon a private motocross track that had a sweet layout (future race), Charles brought everybody hot chocolate, exploring on bike is fun, and the burgers were burger flavored. Good times.

Charles submitted these photos...


Sunday was race day at the MotoX track.  With 7 racers, everybody medalled in either the 4, 3, 2 or 1 lap race.  The course was in good condition and it was fun to get back and ride out there again.  Thanks for the race David.

Cheryl took these pictures...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunday race!

Before reading this please check out the previous post.  Sorry for over-posting JS.

So I checked out the Moto Park X this afternoon and have good news...its raceable!  The track is fairly hard and not too rutty.  A little bit of pebbly stuff here and there but all and all was able to ride it no problem.

The majority of the track looks like this

The worst of the snow - only a couple of inches

So here are the details.  Meet at the Moto Park X at 1 Pm.  We'll have a warm up lap (if needed) and then race.  Choose your laps.  1 lap race and a 3 lapper?  1, 2 and 3?  We'll decide then.


Thursday Night Ride Report

Ben, Chaz, James, Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Duke and I rode on the first really cold Thursday Night Ride of winter.  It was one of the more playful rides that we’ve had in a long time.  Riding over snow piles, cutting through drifts, swerving on off-camber slopes, and knockdowns that escalated to included hand play - it was good fun but we quit before it got ugly.  It was a fun night of playing.  Eventually we found our way to the clubhouse where we were joined by Tom, and Thomas. the minutes include: Tom’s commie playing cards with slogans like “Submit to rigorous military training!”, Sunday’s cross race venue ideas, a one lap cross race?!, getting the snip stories, punk bikers, Laz-e-boy on skiis, Manitoba paranoia with weather, Hilarious House of Frankenstein, Chad Vader, haircut names, Steven windsurfing across the fields on an ironing board from MCC, Thomas is not a hipster, Princess Margaret School (PMS mascots), converting/raping, locked up abroad V locked up a broad, Death Star cafeteria, Duke remenisced about his La Paz Bolivia prison tour - no mas pujol, Bruce is teaching the local Brigades how to unicycle, notable song from the jukebox: Run DMC – It’s like that.  Steve stumbled in after the Jets game, and as most people were getting ready to leave, DSwank rolled in and enjoyed a few rounds with the remaining enthusiasts.  Good times.
I think everybody fell at least once

I miss that wanker


Gavin and Steve were the most daring

Next up: We’ll see how far south we can ride Buffalo creek - Saturday, 9:30 at my place.  Confirm your attendance with a comment or phone call.  Is anybody able to drive us home or away?

B-B-BRRR Winter Classic

This looks like it could be (more than likely WILL be) a lot of fun.  We visited the friendly folks over at Great Northern Bicycle Co. in Fargo last Spring Break and they run an awesome shop there.  I can only imagine that they host an equally amazing bike race.

(Apologies to the MIT for stealing all the info off their blog!)

Make sure to check out the info (and pics from last year) at great Northern's blog...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thursday Night, Saturday Morning and Sunday Afternoon

Thursday Night Ride - my place at 9.  

To add to the local cycling options…I had intended on taking a leisurely and lengthy creek ride on Saturday morning.  I can’t seem to get enough of the creek rides; the adventure and the new terrain are exciting (and slightly scary).

I suggest we start from Neuhorst and cycle our way north along the creek to highway 201 then go straight to Niakwa Pizza for the best burgers in town.  Let me know if your interested.  We’ll meet at my place at 9:30.

DSwat made the call for a cross race this Sunday.  Sounds good.  Very good in fact.  More details are coming?  


Monday, January 9, 2012

A friendly race anyone?

Remember how excited Ben was about racing?  And winning five bucks?

I've been a bad ABE so far this year.  Missing last weeks ThNR was a good choice, albeit a difficult one.  For those of you who don't suffer from occasional insomnia it might be impossible to encourage missing such a beautiful night for riding.  For those of you who do you're probably nodding your head in quiet agreement.  And this week is no better...working Thursday night (please be at the bar past midnight so I can at least drink beer with you!)

So what do I propose?  A race!  Temperatures are dipping mid-week but the weekend forecast looks good.  Sunday afternoon anyone?  Maybe, 1:30ish?  It was duly noted that this might interfere with the Athena Sunday ride.  "NAY", I say!  Interfere never, only supplement.  The ladies can still go about their usual Sunday frivolity.  We'll head off to the Park to try our hand at the Southern Cross course before it gets snowed under (if that ever happens) and afterwards the hardy ladies of Altona can cycle and hang at the publican to their hearts content.

So race?  This Sunday?  1:30?  Let me know what you think....


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Up A Creek Report

I thought I'd be riding with Dan, Albert, Shaun and maybe Steven.  Turns out that none of them were able to make it and it was Curt and I that were lucky enough to explore our way up the creek this morning.  I wasn't sure it would be doable but Curt and I peddled and slipped (6 falls for Curt, 2 for me) our way to St. Poutine (possibly my favorite Saint).  We were both psyched to be able to ride it.  It was a great day with favorable weather and ice conditions.  It took us 3 hours and 20 minutes at a VERY reasonable pace.  Perennial good guy Jonny G came to drink a Caesar with us and drive us home.  Thanks J Bro.  Good times.

Hidden away on the creek

Culvert crossing with windmills in the distance

The payoff - poutine and Caesars with pickles - classy

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday Night Ride Report

There was a large contingent of ABES on hand last night: Pole Vaulter, Duke, Douche Bag, James, Albert, Steve, Chaz, Dan, Steven, Tom and I enjoyed riding in spring like temperatures.  At 9 pm it was an amazing + 6 degrees.  It was still + 2 when I got home at 1 am.  Weird.   Our ride took us around the edges of town, we attempted to ride on the pond but were scared off by the slick, wet conditions, then we zipped through the SC course before retiring to the clubhouse.  Minutes include: the Swedish chef wins gold – bork bork bork, cycling to the south pole, the Grand Prix results, cool ABES wives, Italian sounding bike names (Norcoli), Cooperall hockey long pants, Freddie Mercury sound/look-alike, holidays = more craps, Dukes sweet homemade shirt, Tom is getting drunk this summer, silkscreen options at Miller, wooden fenders, paying for beer is expensive (versus free), Dwad Suckockzky was absent and was mocked accordingly, glow bikes, A-HA (take on me), and Cerebral Paulsy.  Good times.  JS

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thursday Night Ride

Let's ride bicycle - my place at 9.

That noise?  It's opportunity a knockin.  If you're up for some fun and adventure, join me for a weekend ride that will take us from Rocktona to St. Jean via Buffalo creek.  We’ll squiggle our way down the creek then devour a plate of poutine and sip hot chocolate* at Bistro 758.  We’ll leave this Saturday at 9:30.  Let me know if you're interested (or willing to meet us).  It should be a good time.

Wednesday Video

I know it's not bike related but it is awesome related.  If you like having your mind blown, check out skateboarder/super-freek, Rodney Mullen do his thang...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve Ride Report

Dan, Matt, Albert, Patrick, Jonny G and I met to ride the creek.  We started at Altbergthal and rode North.  The conditions were ideal and the ice was tacky from the freezing rain.  We were joined shortly by a friendly dog who did a good job of holding his line and knowing when to go home.  Super cool wife of the day goes to Sarah Falk who was called mid-ride to meet us for a beer drop-off.  Thanks Sarah - you did the right thing.  We also met Tom who was enjoying his studded tires on the crick.  We rode north until Patrick tried to ride over a beaver damn and landed on his chin.  Dam beavers indeed.  Riding on the ice is both fun and slightly scary; new adventures are great but YOU go first.  Good ride boys.  JS