Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday Night Ride Report

Albert, Curt, James, Shaun, Steven, Gavin, Duke, myself and ABES newbie Ike were out for a ride.  With the cold weather, I was hopeful that we would go straight to the clubhouse and skip the ride portion but everybody seemed ready to ride so stupid/awesome peer pressure led me to my bike.  Ike heeded my suggestion on the blog not to ride but the change of plans left him underdressed with sneakers and jeans for the coldest night of the year.  He stuck it out for the ride and was using his recent Kijiji purchase - a Mykado road bike with slick tires - nice.  Curt was also sporting a new bike last night – an Opus Phast carbon 29er – very nice.  Clubhouse minutes include: Barn Cross – Manitoba Indoor Cyclocross Championship - this will be stupid fun good times and everybody is invited, ThNCreek ride, clydesdale physics v physeeks, CBC’s This Is That – stealing American wind, no nicotine = RAGE, Shaun has cut his smoking down from a pack+ a day to 6.5 cigarettes = trip to Thailand, Steve recommends Beerfest, Curt was taken down by a blown hose at a local fire, taking care of trim, Duke is making me a shirt, David visited Jim Morrisons grave in Paris, the Doug Wall post-pounding legacy = new helmet laws, stalking Shaun, the Toews men have superhuman strength, and the Jets win.  Good times.

Anybody interested in a Sunday morning gravel road ride?  JS


  1. Nice Opus, I think the fork needs some air though.

  2. That's how Curt's bikes look after 45 minutes of riding - compressed. He's so strong!
    It's such a sweet bike. JS

  3. Thanks, it sure rides nice, ya and after I added more air it rode even nicer.