Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve Ride Report

Dan, Matt, Albert, Patrick, Jonny G and I met to ride the creek.  We started at Altbergthal and rode North.  The conditions were ideal and the ice was tacky from the freezing rain.  We were joined shortly by a friendly dog who did a good job of holding his line and knowing when to go home.  Super cool wife of the day goes to Sarah Falk who was called mid-ride to meet us for a beer drop-off.  Thanks Sarah - you did the right thing.  We also met Tom who was enjoying his studded tires on the crick.  We rode north until Patrick tried to ride over a beaver damn and landed on his chin.  Dam beavers indeed.  Riding on the ice is both fun and slightly scary; new adventures are great but YOU go first.  Good ride boys.  JS


  1. Nothing like a picture of G wizzing. Awesome. You guys keep riding so much and pretty soon you will lose your title of World's Heaviest Bike club.

  2. I love that picture. I saw a nice pic of you leaping the grandstands. I assume it was a good time - It always is.

    I prefer World's Best Bike Club, but I see your point, JS