Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

The last Thursday Night Ride of 2011 saw James, Shaun, Steven, Gavin, Steve, Dan, Duke and I spin around town.  Shaun revealed his new bike – a Surly cross-check with custom bar wraps made of materials that Shaun hand-made and wrapped himself; brain tanned deer hide (really) weaved with strips of leather jacket that belonged to his grandpa - brilliant!  After we ooed and awed at his shiney new bike and ingenuity, we graciously agreeing to drink Dan’s last 8 FG Rouge (8 beers + 8 ABES = a Christmas miracle!), then around town and out to the Altona cemetary for some fun mini-track action.  We rode to the top of the hill, confirmed that the ice on the pond was still slippery and retired at the clubhouse where we were joined by David who didn’t ride due to a tummy ache.  Minutes include: gas powered blenders, Dancing Dave (Gabe’s protégé), drinkify, The Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams hockey team, new music sources, Wii games and AC/DC, a freak on the wall, bike pulls, Jets win in OT, triple-rider tall bike, new bike carriers (that don’t drop bikes), buying the wrong glasses, junkyard cross, and washing dishes V clubhouse meetings.  Good times.  JS

I think a New years eve ride would be a good idea.  We should meet at my place at 1pm and see what gives.  Options: Southern Cross revisited, Altona cemetary races, Altona Moto Cross 10, gravel road exploration, or a Buffalo creek ride.  Post your preference or just show up and let peer pressure be your guide.  This snow should make riding the creek more enjoyable so that’s my vote – I’d even try riding it all the way to St. Jean for poutine if we can arrange a ride home.

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