Friday, December 16, 2011

ThNR Report

It was a cold night but we had a good turnout for the ThNR - Tom, Pole Vaulter, Gavin, Duke, Chaz, Steve, Shaun, James, Curt, Dan and I were in attendance.  Derrick sent his regrets.  We rode about our fair hamlet like we do.  David met us at the clubhouse where the minutes included: Paul's new Redline, Christmas concerts, Chaz visited Angry Catfish, Shaun's about to build up a Surly cross-check, the Abe Lincoln movies (Daniel Day Lewis and Vampire versions), the "Is Santa real?" discussion, MTS hatred, David's red Vette (chevette), Teemu V The Jets this Saturday!, Dyck-wrap, It's business time, the Schwinn fixie project, MEC ice bike race, David wear panties?, and double sided urinal troughs.  Good times.  JS

Apparently my camera card was full so no pictures of the ThNR this week but here's the last picture I was able to take - Happy birthday mom!

Dan and I are riding tomorrow morning.  There is room for two more dudes.  Brunch will be served in Rocktona.  Should be fun.  JS


  1. Love the blog every week brothers! See you for a drink on the 23rd...Jonny, I thought that pic was "aunt Olie"...I nearly cried...Happy B_day Jonny's Mom Jeff in SK.

  2. I even hid her present in the washing machine.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Xmas. We'll need to make a reservation at the clubhouse or find a heated garage for our meeting. JS