Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to ME!

Good news - my camera was found and returned.  Barb Bergen found my camera, made some connections and called to tell me the good news.  Small town goodness abides.  Oh happy day.  This means I can share some photos from Saturday's Buffalo creek ride.  I also discovered my jackets pocket zipper is broken which explains the lost camera.
Barb cheers for small town kindness
This creek crossing included cement coffin lids - creepy.
Dan makes his way under the road

Finding snow was essential

Crack and hump on the ice (twss)

Finding our way back to the creek

Today I found a bit of free time to explore more creek passes.  The warm weather made for less snow/traction, and more water on top of the ice.  Falling would be a bad idea and I took it extra easy - I walked when it looked extra slick. 

Buffalo creek at the 201 

Taking a horse for a walk.  Yes you are.
I heard that Albert, Dan, Paul, Matt and Patrick did some sniffing on the creek today as well.  This weather is nuts.  Get out and explore ya'll.  JS


  1. There was not a lot of snow at the edges and it started out a bit treacherous, but we got used to it. The last half mile or so we road in about an inch of water on top of soft ice. No problem for traction, but pretty weird feeling stuff. Sometimes I thought my wheel might just cut right through. It was a great time. I little cold and snow and this could be a regular ride destination. It's just nice to have the variety!