Monday, December 5, 2011

TdStJB Report

The Tour de St Jean Babtiste was a memorable one – for all the right and wrong reasons.  David, Steven and I enjoyed our Sunday morning gravel and dirt ride.  We were all warm enough, sometimes too warm although I did need to use some of Steven's hotpads for my feet.  The roads were in good to excellent condition and we kept a sensible pace for a two hour pedal to the promised land of curds and gravy.  The poutine was great - mine included sausage, fried onions and bacon.  Bistro 758 was a pleasant surprise for all newcomers and worthy of a do-over.  We could have biked home but our goal was to eat a plateful of comfy fries and not confict with the Athena SAR.  We were met by our families (minus Carr et al – sorry) for lunch and to get a ride home.  


Steven and my clan loaded up the bikes on my car and I decided to take the gravel roads home to retrace our steps and to look for better lanes for future rides.  I should have skipped this idea and taken the highway home – I know this now but isnt there something about taking the roads less traveled and being open to adventure or something?!  Anywho – on our way back there was a dip in the road that I slowed down for, but apparently not enough when you have a bike rack.  Four of the six straps holding the rack on the car ripped and to my horror when I looked in the rearview mirror I saw three bikes falling to the dirt road behind me.  OH SHIT.  The bikes had some bent brake levers, scrapped paint, and a broken spoke or two but all in all we came out ok (future reports may prove otherwise).  Steven and I untangled the heap of bikes, tied knots in all the straps, reloaded the bikes and continued home.  A few minutes later the car was making funny noises that I first attributed to the dirt road but soon realized was a flat tire.  Shitty.  So we had to unload/load the bikes so we could change the tire and limp home – this time on the highway.  Having Steven in the car with my family did add to the embarrassment level but he did help diffuse a tense situation and help me with the agonizing loading/salvaging/loading/unloading/changing a tire/loading duties.  In summary: the ride was great, the food was great, I’m sorry about your bikes, and I need a bike hitch.   Good times followed by less than good times.   JS  

Flat tire photo.  No shots of the bikes carnage.
I wasn't in the mood for documentation.


  1. Bikes falling off is shitty. I have a gently used trunk rack you can have in exchange for a 12. But Kokanee doesn't cut it in my neck of the woods.

  2. Just read this while eating. My lunch almost came out of my nose.

  3. I don't know what you're talking about. What's wrong with Busch? Taste? Bouquet? "Head for the mountains of Busch....Beeeeeer!"

    Your trunk rack might come in handy. Does it fall off? JS

  4. Who doesn't like a rousing sing-a-long...
    So good.

  5. Johnny,

    Some scratches, broken spokes, f-upped wheels and bar tape, were a small price to pay for the chance to witness the epic downward spiral that was our ride home. Glad I was there to prevent you from shooting yourself or your family in the corn field. Are we going again this Sunday? That poutine was dynamite.

  6. Shit. Sorry brother. That sucks. And yes, I am totally in for another ride. JS

  7. Do you even have to ask? Little Scrapper is all us city sophisticates drink.

  8. You're a classy guy Brad. LS was a tough sell with the Labbats Light crowd at the curling club. What do you drink at the TNR? Speaking of...why aren't you at the TNR? JS