Monday, December 12, 2011

Gravel and Eggs Report

Steven, Paul and I met to cycle the back roads to Morris for brunch.  The forecast indicated we were going to have a tailwind but mother-nature laughed at our plans and gave us a headwind instead.  The mild weather made the gravel slightly tacky so it sprayed anybody trying to draft – it was both comical and annoying.  As we approached highway 14, Steven’s derailleur hanger snapped off, jumped into his wheel and broke a spoke.  I assume this was either the residual effects of last week’s ugly incident, or Steven has such wicked strong legs that he torqued the life out of his bike.  In either case it sucked, (I’m still sorry), and he needed to be rescued by Sandra.  We continued on with Paul leading the way like a stud - it’s like he rides gravel roads and windy conditions all the time or something.  We made it to Morris for some weak coffee, medium steak and eggs and eventually, warm toes.  Marguerite gave us an incident free ride home - which was nice.  If my funky mojo hasn't scared anybody off we should do this again next week.  JS
That's bad.  

DB trying his darndest

Morris is in sight

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