Friday, December 2, 2011

Movember Finale / ThNR Report

The lure of free sunflower seeds was too much for hairy, cycling mennonites to resist as it lured a healthy number of riders out for the Thursday night ride.  DB, James, W, Tom, Duke, Gavin, Steven, Chaz, Curt, Steve, Albert and myself started our ride with an unsuccessful intervention at Schiesse’s place followed by a raft check and a spin to the usual corners.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Paul B.  Movember is done and our moustache contest was no contest at all  – Steven Wiebe was the manliest of men and took the win, the honor of the Tom Selleck award with his enviable display of virility.  Tom took the Dapper Dan award with his Gable’esque flair, and Gavin would have won the draw for the bag of seeds if he didn’t have to leave to take care of screaming children.  David ended up winning the zote but pastor dipshit Dan couldn’t keep his gruppy paws off Dswats bag and blew his seeds all over the table (welcome back Dan).  Other minutes included: flipping cars over is easy (physics n shit), the Hitler/Micheal Jordan stache, our server took a grenade to save the bar from an annoying intruder, youwannafuckarou?, stroking the stache, I F’n wiped out on my GD SOB MF bike again F (I’m still pissed – sorry JC), fashion V faciest statements, James welds new drops on his single speed (impressive), wildly V mildy innapropriate, practical jokes with dead squirrels gone wrong/horribly right, taking dictation, holocost rings, and possible developments in the ABES PR department.  Good times.  JS

Tour de St. Jean - Sunday
Is anybody interested in joining David and I for a gravel road ride to St. Jean?  Bistro 758 serves the finest poutine in the province.  Aside from the traditional ingredients, one may top their fare with almost anything available at the restaruant (pepperoni, bacon, ham, chicken fingers, fried onions, mushrooms, peppers, sausage, etc, etc, etc).  And while we’re there we might explore the quad trails along the river.  The full bellied return trip will be of the motorized variety so enjoy the ride and eat up!  Arrangements need to be made so post a comment if you’d like to celebrate the daring and the decadence of life.  We leave from ABES headquarters at 10:30.  What say ye good fellows?  


  1. J + D,

    I'm very interested. I'll confirm tonight.

  2. Johnny you have a Summer Of Brad bike?

  3. I'm still pretty pissed. I'm contemplating divorce. J

  4. Johnny, Zamboni Man,

    I'm in for the tour de St. Jean Baptiste. A little worried about the temp but I want Poutine.

  5. The wind and cold might be a bit of a bitch. My promise to you Steven, if worse comes to worse I'll eat Johnny first.