Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Movember is drawing to a close.  Our mustaches have been groomed and our wives have been patient.  ABES have produced some striking staches, some that need more time to nurture into greatness and those that would only benefit from Ronco’s hair spray.  I was getting used to seeing everybody stachified – it’s been fun.  Please don’t shave until we can celebrate our mustachioed finale this Thursday night.  All Movemberites in attendance will be entered to win the largest bag of zote available from our good friends at Ronnie’s Jumbo Seeds.  JS


  1. Unfortunately my stache can only attend in spirit. Duty (i.e. work) calls. Unless you hang out late. I'm a maybe then.

  2. Zamboni man... send us a photo of that sweet stache.

  3. See this bad boy LIVE! Hoping to be around after the witching hour tonight if anyone else is still Mo enough and grew a set. Let me know if the venue changes like last time.