Friday, November 18, 2011

ThNR Report

Curt, Dan, David, Duke, Tom, Albert, Steven and I enjoyed a snowy ride around town.  I love making tracks in freshly fallen snow and quietly rolling along makes me happy.  Riding in first snowfall with a group ride was great.  The wind was blowing so we would occasionally chill half our face at a time, and the extra facial hair made for some lovely ice catchers.  With the fresh snow and the fact that Curt and I were still riding slick tires, falling seemed inevitable and bets were taken as to how many times people were going to fall on the ride.  Most of us had some sketchy moments, but it was Albert who was the first casualty when he endoed on the hill as were riding the southern cross course.  Curt took second when he fell as he sped home to assist on an EMS call (ironic?).  We eventually made our way to the clubhouse where we were joined by Steve.  The staches are looking so good, which is to say so bad.  Steven is wearing the yellow jersey thus far with Steve taking dfl this week (Paul B we need your chemo-stach back).  Minutes included: ways to keep warm at a Bomber game – baked potatoes in the jacket (eat them at halftime) and Myron suggested Kommst borscht in a waterbottle, Steven will receive a new ABES jersey thanks to dumb-dumb Lorne, American Aleve is the best (especially the liquid shots taken with redbull), Ms. Gretzky is puurty, Schiesse is getting a new Opus Stern, new-bike theorists were speculating, magic marker eyebrows/Romulans, Altona Curling Club team of the week featured team Albert, ABES mission statement – in a latin/plautdietsch, Movie Haven presents ABES Rider of the Week – winner to receive a free three-day movie rental (Short Circuit 2 perhaps?), drotasel (aka wire donkey - aka bicycle - aka bike jackass), and an interesting story of Dorothy, Toto and the three wise men.  Good times.  JS


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