Sunday, November 6, 2011

MB X Report

For the second straight year, the ABES racing team has claimed a provincial cyclocross title.  In "fact", there were three winner: Cheryl was the fastest female citizen in Manitoba, Mia was the fastest Under 9 female, and Kate is the provincial pushbike champion!  Well done family.  Mia also had a good time ringing the school bell for the bell lap.  I sat this race out with a sore knee (boo-urns) and focussed on yelling at people for fun.  I did - and it was fun.  Albert finished strong but had a wipe out - it was after the race, he was riding .01 km/h and he couldn't unclip - classic.  Paul could have won a medal but there were a bunch of people faster than him, so...maybe next year.  It all finished off with a nice community supper in St. Malo and the first bits of snow fell for the ride home.  This has been an exceptional year for cross.  Here are some pics of the latest good times...

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