Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

We’ve just had the best summer conditions that I can remember.  An early spring, minimal skeeters, dry, hot weather and perfect fall conditions.  But to be fair my memory is porous and tends to bend the facts to protect my ego - but that’s how I sees it.  Unfortunately this glorious weather is coming to an end.  It’s not the freeze your teets off cold yet, but it’s cooled off.  One of the most important aspects of cycling in cold weather is proper clothing.  This usually means wearing waaay less than I think I’ll need as I stand in my toasty-warm house and lament the prospect of going out to the cold, dark, windy, and altogether depressing weather.  I need to fight the urge to be warm right away (stupid brain).  I need to remember I’m not going for a stroll or standing around – I’m vigorousy exercising.  As I bike I’ll warm up significantly, so if I start riding and I’m immediately warm, I’ve overdressed and will be sweating in no time.  That’s not good.  I like to start out cool and give myself 5-10 minutes to warm-up.  During the ride I may open my jacket vents to regulate my temperature (and If I’m too cold I just go home and put on more clothes - it’s not like we bike that far away from home anyway).  Key words to remember regarding cold weather clothing: layering, wicking, wool, venting, windproofing, and facial hair (not for me, but for those that can).  Biking in winter also makes you sound bad-ass.

See ya'll at 9 at the usual place, for the usual ride and the usual good times.  JS

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