Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's be careful out there

There are a few fears I have when it comes to riding bike.  These fears include getting my fingers mangled in the chain/cog of a fixed gear bike, nutting myself on the crossbar, and having my jersey split open by too much guttage.  Another of my fears came to pass on Sunday.  I was riding bike to Duke’s to watch the Bomber game when I popped up my front wheel to get over a curb.  My front end nosedived and I crumpled in a heap on the cement as my front wheel rolled away for another 50 feet.  It hurt - and just as worse, there were witnesses.  My ribs took a punch from my handlebars but don’t really hurt as long as I don’t move or breath.  They say you should always do a pre-ride bike check which I generally don’t do – I simply get on my bike and go.  People say I should do a lot of things.  I ignore most of their sage advice because I’m either stubborn, lazy or have a short attention span - I wish there were better options.  I won’t bother giving you any advice.  Do what you want.  This tale can either be cautionary, amusing, neither or both.  Watching the Bombers win was sweet, sweet medicine (did I see RRR’s Larry on TV wearing a sweet Matt Dunigan jersey?).  I’ll probably check that my wheels are secure the next 10 times then forget about it the next 1000 times - did I mention short attention span?  GO BOMBERS!  JS


  1. Yeah, that was Larry. I don't think he was even watching the game. Knowing him he was just trying to get Sara Orlesky's attention.

    wv: snoty

  2. She can be a distraction and Larry likes to be distracted (who doesn't'). I couldn't get over Jay Onrait's mustache. WOW.

  3. So let me get this straight...Larry is distracted by Sara Orlesky and Johnny is distracted by Jay Onrait? Is this correct? JS, you need to get your distractions in order.

  4. It's not what I said but you have to admit - Sara and Jay's stache are impressive, beautiful and distracting. Just like you David. JS