Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

Steven, Giles, Duke, Albert, Shaun, James, Gavin, Mike and I went for a spin around town.  Steven and Gavin must be gearing up for Farmcross because they set a zippy pace - pushing into the wind and cruising nicely with the wind at our backs.  We returned to the clubhouse where minutes included: Giles celebrated his 33rd birthday - the good news is he always has a day off after his birthday - the bad news is that he was robbed at university, Steven also celebrated his birthday - with Elliot Brood and an incredible, big, drunk, hairy energizer bunny who rocked his bass drum onstage to the delight of the crowd and band, David "baby-bunter, ball-biter" Sawatzky, Chip and Pepper wet wear, Giles tended bar like a rock star, my daughter Kate (3.5 yrs) is riding bike, FGBC urinal pucks?, the clubhouse beautification project (stay tuned!), the age of renting VCR's, "David turtled - Steven won", rememories, "may cause anal leakage", pedophile moustache, saving people v killing people, the mood at the clubhouse turned from Thursday night casual to Friday night party and there was suddenly one too many Steve's at the table and the evening shut down.  Paul B showed up as we were leaving so he and Giles joined me at ABES headquarters for a final beer and some additional late night BS.  Good times. 

Fort Garry Boo brew (or is it B.O. beer) 
The robber was in the next bathroom stall? 

day 19 of 10
thanks Paul - I feel better now
Farmcross is this afternoon.  Race coordinators said the course would include building ride throughs, a garden, a maze with 6' tall grass, twisty tree sections, hay and fence hurdles, and general good fun with family and friends.  I'm pumped.  Curt might bring BAC's rollers - I assume hilarity will ensue.  See you at the Wiebe farm.  JS

Kate was beaming on her first bike ride this week (so was I) 

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