Friday, November 4, 2011

ThNR Report

Steven, Shaun, Pole Vaulter, Gavin, James, Curt, Steve and I arrived for our weekly ride.  Gavin shaved for the first time in 8 years, Shaun was 12 days into a 3 day contest – rules are hard, and most of us had a dusting of hair.  Reminder: no beards – moustaches only.  We cycled to the usual haunts, Curt had a flat tire at the furthest point away from his house but close enough to James’s house to attempt some repairs.  Running a bike shop does not necessarily mean you can fix flat tires – it means you hire people to fix flat tires.  We also saw James’s ingenuity, creativity and cheap nature with his Cheerios box bike fender-extender and DIY truck cab pulley system.  And speaking of cheap – we saw that that David sold James a bike with a BAC tester saddle – classy move.  We eventually made it to the clubhouse where we were joined by David, Thomas, and Chaz.  Minutes included: shooting rifles with grandpa on a riding mower, homemade wine and corkage fees at McDonalds?, BYOB at bars?, Pitcher and Lyle hurdelling the X mega-log, In Deanna Jones, the piano-guitar, pacifists hate the Jets logo, ‘Mo Myron shaved (but not his face), the sweet new FGBC wool jersey, why girls have trouble getting it up (front tires), “I’m alive – I guess”, Blondie’s 9 lb. burger, Phineas and Ferb, race at the Wiebe barn(?), David dropped the ball on the Grand Prix vs I need a better attitude, and the Movember cycling kit.  Good times.  JS

Welcome to ABES
Day 12 of 4?

My stache (and mullet) is coming along nicely.


  1. For the record, James was duly informed that his seat was indeed a tester from BAC. He shrugged it off. Not my fault.

  2. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. JS

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