Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

David, Curt, W, Albert, Gavin, Steven, James and I met up for a ride.  The weather remained pleasant and the streets ice free – no riders fell this week and it was all good as we rode the perimeter a couple of times.  We were met by Steve, Giles, Myron, and Paul B at the clubhouse where we were greeted by our new bike club sign hanging on the wall.  It is beautiful.  The minutes are skimpy this week because I was too busy grinning and staring at that marvelous sign of ours.  The minutes I do have: hot pepperoni sausage party, W is getting a new Redline cross bike, Bombers rule, BC sucks, James flew to Mexico for a day, famous Flemings, the new $100 bill, Steve turned 28 – ate lasagna, Dan Merino wool, everybody loves (to hate) Nickelback, David is keen on glutton cross, Steven maintains the yellow jersey with his impressive stache, Life in Technicolour 2 video, Albert “the first one is free” Falk donated a pack of found cigarettes to the club, and did I mention our new sign at the clubhouse?  It’s fantastic!  Good times.  JS

So lush 
Waiting for something?
Stachers for life
$100 beard remover
Happy birthday Steve
Derricks new ride.
It's only a good bike if you RIDE IT.

The waiting is the hardest part - Tom Petty 

I’m looking forward to the Grey cup like I used to look forward to Christmas (which really meant presents). Sunday will be a nervous day.  A noon kick-off would be perfect, but waiting until 5:30 will be torturous.  I’m too impatient; I’ll need something to do to keep me preoccupied.  Is anybody interested in a Sunday afternoon ride?  Meet at my place at 1:00 – I need to be home by 3:00 so sweet Cheryl Koop can join the other local bike goddesses for their weekly jaunt. 



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  2. I believe the correct version would be that I met you gents on the course. Rode with DSwank and W.