Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Movember is drawing to a close.  Our mustaches have been groomed and our wives have been patient.  ABES have produced some striking staches, some that need more time to nurture into greatness and those that would only benefit from Ronco’s hair spray.  I was getting used to seeing everybody stachified – it’s been fun.  Please don’t shave until we can celebrate our mustachioed finale this Thursday night.  All Movemberites in attendance will be entered to win the largest bag of zote available from our good friends at Ronnie’s Jumbo Seeds.  JS

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smart trips video

Here's a video about some Winnipeg groups doing their hippy best. 

Bottom line: ride your bike.  It's all good.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

David, Curt, W, Albert, Gavin, Steven, James and I met up for a ride.  The weather remained pleasant and the streets ice free – no riders fell this week and it was all good as we rode the perimeter a couple of times.  We were met by Steve, Giles, Myron, and Paul B at the clubhouse where we were greeted by our new bike club sign hanging on the wall.  It is beautiful.  The minutes are skimpy this week because I was too busy grinning and staring at that marvelous sign of ours.  The minutes I do have: hot pepperoni sausage party, W is getting a new Redline cross bike, Bombers rule, BC sucks, James flew to Mexico for a day, famous Flemings, the new $100 bill, Steve turned 28 – ate lasagna, Dan Merino wool, everybody loves (to hate) Nickelback, David is keen on glutton cross, Steven maintains the yellow jersey with his impressive stache, Life in Technicolour 2 video, Albert “the first one is free” Falk donated a pack of found cigarettes to the club, and did I mention our new sign at the clubhouse?  It’s fantastic!  Good times.  JS

So lush 
Waiting for something?
Stachers for life
$100 beard remover
Happy birthday Steve
Derricks new ride.
It's only a good bike if you RIDE IT.

The waiting is the hardest part - Tom Petty 

I’m looking forward to the Grey cup like I used to look forward to Christmas (which really meant presents). Sunday will be a nervous day.  A noon kick-off would be perfect, but waiting until 5:30 will be torturous.  I’m too impatient; I’ll need something to do to keep me preoccupied.  Is anybody interested in a Sunday afternoon ride?  Meet at my place at 1:00 – I need to be home by 3:00 so sweet Cheryl Koop can join the other local bike goddesses for their weekly jaunt. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

I'm loving this weather.  It should be a great night for a ride, the grand unveiling and pepperoni sticks.  See you at my place at  9:00.  JS

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ABES Clubhouse News

The Department of Clubhouse Beautification will present its latest and greatest (and yes, it's only) creation this Thursday.  Get ready to ooh, aah and bask in ABES'ness while we enjoy complimentary pepperoni sticks!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's be careful out there

There are a few fears I have when it comes to riding bike.  These fears include getting my fingers mangled in the chain/cog of a fixed gear bike, nutting myself on the crossbar, and having my jersey split open by too much guttage.  Another of my fears came to pass on Sunday.  I was riding bike to Duke’s to watch the Bomber game when I popped up my front wheel to get over a curb.  My front end nosedived and I crumpled in a heap on the cement as my front wheel rolled away for another 50 feet.  It hurt - and just as worse, there were witnesses.  My ribs took a punch from my handlebars but don’t really hurt as long as I don’t move or breath.  They say you should always do a pre-ride bike check which I generally don’t do – I simply get on my bike and go.  People say I should do a lot of things.  I ignore most of their sage advice because I’m either stubborn, lazy or have a short attention span - I wish there were better options.  I won’t bother giving you any advice.  Do what you want.  This tale can either be cautionary, amusing, neither or both.  Watching the Bombers win was sweet, sweet medicine (did I see RRR’s Larry on TV wearing a sweet Matt Dunigan jersey?).  I’ll probably check that my wheels are secure the next 10 times then forget about it the next 1000 times - did I mention short attention span?  GO BOMBERS!  JS

Friday, November 18, 2011

ThNR Report

Curt, Dan, David, Duke, Tom, Albert, Steven and I enjoyed a snowy ride around town.  I love making tracks in freshly fallen snow and quietly rolling along makes me happy.  Riding in first snowfall with a group ride was great.  The wind was blowing so we would occasionally chill half our face at a time, and the extra facial hair made for some lovely ice catchers.  With the fresh snow and the fact that Curt and I were still riding slick tires, falling seemed inevitable and bets were taken as to how many times people were going to fall on the ride.  Most of us had some sketchy moments, but it was Albert who was the first casualty when he endoed on the hill as were riding the southern cross course.  Curt took second when he fell as he sped home to assist on an EMS call (ironic?).  We eventually made our way to the clubhouse where we were joined by Steve.  The staches are looking so good, which is to say so bad.  Steven is wearing the yellow jersey thus far with Steve taking dfl this week (Paul B we need your chemo-stach back).  Minutes included: ways to keep warm at a Bomber game – baked potatoes in the jacket (eat them at halftime) and Myron suggested Kommst borscht in a waterbottle, Steven will receive a new ABES jersey thanks to dumb-dumb Lorne, American Aleve is the best (especially the liquid shots taken with redbull), Ms. Gretzky is puurty, Schiesse is getting a new Opus Stern, new-bike theorists were speculating, magic marker eyebrows/Romulans, Altona Curling Club team of the week featured team Albert, ABES mission statement – in a latin/plautdietsch, Movie Haven presents ABES Rider of the Week – winner to receive a free three-day movie rental (Short Circuit 2 perhaps?), drotasel (aka wire donkey - aka bicycle - aka bike jackass), and an interesting story of Dorothy, Toto and the three wise men.  Good times.  JS


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

We’ve just had the best summer conditions that I can remember.  An early spring, minimal skeeters, dry, hot weather and perfect fall conditions.  But to be fair my memory is porous and tends to bend the facts to protect my ego - but that’s how I sees it.  Unfortunately this glorious weather is coming to an end.  It’s not the freeze your teets off cold yet, but it’s cooled off.  One of the most important aspects of cycling in cold weather is proper clothing.  This usually means wearing waaay less than I think I’ll need as I stand in my toasty-warm house and lament the prospect of going out to the cold, dark, windy, and altogether depressing weather.  I need to fight the urge to be warm right away (stupid brain).  I need to remember I’m not going for a stroll or standing around – I’m vigorousy exercising.  As I bike I’ll warm up significantly, so if I start riding and I’m immediately warm, I’ve overdressed and will be sweating in no time.  That’s not good.  I like to start out cool and give myself 5-10 minutes to warm-up.  During the ride I may open my jacket vents to regulate my temperature (and If I’m too cold I just go home and put on more clothes - it’s not like we bike that far away from home anyway).  Key words to remember regarding cold weather clothing: layering, wicking, wool, venting, windproofing, and facial hair (not for me, but for those that can).  Biking in winter also makes you sound bad-ass.

See ya'll at 9 at the usual place, for the usual ride and the usual good times.  JS

Friday, November 11, 2011

Farm Cross Report

The first (of many?) Farm Cross was held on a beautiful day at the Wiebe farmyard. Steven and Gavin put together a great cyclocross race that included riding on trails in the woods, a tall grass maze, a pumpkin lined garden ride, hay bale barriers, riding through two buildings, an apple grove and bumpy trails galore - it all made for a fun course.  At the end of the races we were treated to dogs, chips, cinnamon buns and chili cooked up in a cool looking wood-fire/boiler contraption.  Thanks to the Wiebes who housed and fed us and to Steven and Gavin for organizing a great race.


1 lappers:

2 lappers:

3 laps - dudes:
Steve - 21:20
James - 23:06
Curt - 23:42

3 laps - dudettes:
Sandra - 21:22
Cindy - 24:32
Joanne - 24:43
Julia - 27:14
Taylor - 27:21
Sandra - 27:30 2 laps plus 1 rest lap

6 laps - dudes:
Chris - 32:51
Johnny - 34:56
Charles - 36:18
Gavin - 36:18
Albert - 39:24
Steven - 40:02

6 laps - dudettes:
Cheryl - 40:39

Quote of the day: Your pain isn't special - Sandra Doell.  Good times.  JS

Thursday Night Ride Report

Steven, Giles, Duke, Albert, Shaun, James, Gavin, Mike and I went for a spin around town.  Steven and Gavin must be gearing up for Farmcross because they set a zippy pace - pushing into the wind and cruising nicely with the wind at our backs.  We returned to the clubhouse where minutes included: Giles celebrated his 33rd birthday - the good news is he always has a day off after his birthday - the bad news is that he was robbed at university, Steven also celebrated his birthday - with Elliot Brood and an incredible, big, drunk, hairy energizer bunny who rocked his bass drum onstage to the delight of the crowd and band, David "baby-bunter, ball-biter" Sawatzky, Chip and Pepper wet wear, Giles tended bar like a rock star, my daughter Kate (3.5 yrs) is riding bike, FGBC urinal pucks?, the clubhouse beautification project (stay tuned!), the age of renting VCR's, "David turtled - Steven won", rememories, "may cause anal leakage", pedophile moustache, saving people v killing people, the mood at the clubhouse turned from Thursday night casual to Friday night party and there was suddenly one too many Steve's at the table and the evening shut down.  Paul B showed up as we were leaving so he and Giles joined me at ABES headquarters for a final beer and some additional late night BS.  Good times. 

Fort Garry Boo brew (or is it B.O. beer) 
The robber was in the next bathroom stall? 

day 19 of 10
thanks Paul - I feel better now
Farmcross is this afternoon.  Race coordinators said the course would include building ride throughs, a garden, a maze with 6' tall grass, twisty tree sections, hay and fence hurdles, and general good fun with family and friends.  I'm pumped.  Curt might bring BAC's rollers - I assume hilarity will ensue.  See you at the Wiebe farm.  JS

Kate was beaming on her first bike ride this week (so was I) 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

It might be getting cold out there but our upper lips will be toasty warm.  See you at my place at 9.  

Reminder - don't forget about Farmcross this Friday afternoon. Gavin and Steven have lined up some country goodness for anybody that likes good times.  JS

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You deserve a break!

So sit back and relax, escape life for about 6ish minutes or so.  Everything is better when its not happening to you! (lots of bike mishaps so I deemed it appropriate)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

MB X Report

For the second straight year, the ABES racing team has claimed a provincial cyclocross title.  In "fact", there were three winner: Cheryl was the fastest female citizen in Manitoba, Mia was the fastest Under 9 female, and Kate is the provincial pushbike champion!  Well done family.  Mia also had a good time ringing the school bell for the bell lap.  I sat this race out with a sore knee (boo-urns) and focussed on yelling at people for fun.  I did - and it was fun.  Albert finished strong but had a wipe out - it was after the race, he was riding .01 km/h and he couldn't unclip - classic.  Paul could have won a medal but there were a bunch of people faster than him, so...maybe next year.  It all finished off with a nice community supper in St. Malo and the first bits of snow fell for the ride home.  This has been an exceptional year for cross.  Here are some pics of the latest good times...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

FARMCROSS - Nov. 11, 2011 - 1 pm

Come out to FARMCROSS on Friday Nov 11.

We set out a course today and have recruited Reeve Don Wiebe to make chilli in the big outdoor pot.  We will be providing chilli and hotdogs for kids and soft drinks. BYOB.  It could be a cold day but there is plenty of room in the barn to warm up by the fire.

Friday, November 4, 2011

ThNR Report

Steven, Shaun, Pole Vaulter, Gavin, James, Curt, Steve and I arrived for our weekly ride.  Gavin shaved for the first time in 8 years, Shaun was 12 days into a 3 day contest – rules are hard, and most of us had a dusting of hair.  Reminder: no beards – moustaches only.  We cycled to the usual haunts, Curt had a flat tire at the furthest point away from his house but close enough to James’s house to attempt some repairs.  Running a bike shop does not necessarily mean you can fix flat tires – it means you hire people to fix flat tires.  We also saw James’s ingenuity, creativity and cheap nature with his Cheerios box bike fender-extender and DIY truck cab pulley system.  And speaking of cheap – we saw that that David sold James a bike with a BAC tester saddle – classy move.  We eventually made it to the clubhouse where we were joined by David, Thomas, and Chaz.  Minutes included: shooting rifles with grandpa on a riding mower, homemade wine and corkage fees at McDonalds?, BYOB at bars?, Pitcher and Lyle hurdelling the X mega-log, In Deanna Jones, the piano-guitar, pacifists hate the Jets logo, ‘Mo Myron shaved (but not his face), the sweet new FGBC wool jersey, why girls have trouble getting it up (front tires), “I’m alive – I guess”, Blondie’s 9 lb. burger, Phineas and Ferb, race at the Wiebe barn(?), David dropped the ball on the Grand Prix vs I need a better attitude, and the Movember cycling kit.  Good times.  JS

Welcome to ABES
Day 12 of 4?

My stache (and mullet) is coming along nicely.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Stand back everybody, I'm growing a moustache!  See you at 9:00.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Movember!

It's finally here!  The hotly anticipated month where upper lips are freed from the oppression of shaving!  And we here at ABES HQ are gearing up for a spectacular month of fun.  How will it be MORE spectacular than other months you ask?  Well, we'll be growing 'staches, that's how!

So to kick off Movember I'd like to introduce you to the unofficial ABES spokesperson...Moe Mantha. 

Ex-Jet with an awesome 'stache and his name is Moe.  How much better can it get!  And if we had an ABE who could lead us through this month?  I nominate Myron "MO" Dyck.  That's right, Maurice.  Shortened to Mo for the month of course.  Let's see if he manages to 'stache it up.

So bring out your furry faces for a ride Thursday night!