Sunday, April 28, 2013

Road Ride Report

12 of us cycled to Rosetown and back Saturday afternoon, then David Daycare made a boatload of french fries in his outdoor deep fryer.  It was all good.  Thanks Swatter.

Friday, April 26, 2013

ThNR Report

Giles, Steven, DB, Gavin, James, Lyle, Chris, Jeff and I met to cycle.  New bikes were shown and jealousy ensued.  Chris showed off his new Norco cross bike, Franklin pieced his carbon black-beauty together and Lyle was riding the nicest souvenir I've ever seen.  I hate you guys.

We took to the streets and promptly lost Jeff - sorry Jeff.  Roads are mostly dry and ready for skinny tires - huzzah!  We met Tom, David, Duke, Tom, Shaun, Trevor and Derrick at the clubhouse where minutes included: Shaun has Jets-tourettes, Go Bombers, Speed/weight/time handicap, 30" waist clydesdale pants?, pissing your pants in a VW, DB upped his DB'ery by squeezing out his sweat rag on our table, running into your dad at the bar when you're 16 (don't tell your mom), Tom is ready for the Pho Challenge (wall of fame or shame?), Giles has bought a house is St. James, and there will be free camping and beer at the ABES Whiteshell weekend thanks to the meat draw proceeds.  Good times.

New Bikes:


The Saturday morning breakfast gravel ride has turned into a Saturday afternoon road ride (+15 degrees!).  We'll probably go to Rosetown and back.  Everybody is welcome.  Confirmed: Cheryl, Cindy, Shaun, myself - others were working on childcare.  The more the merrier.  We'll gather at 2:00 at David and Cindy's house.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I suggest we ride our bikes and discuss impotent issues.  See you at 8.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stoopidtall Bike

Yahoooooo?  Ok, I'm scared...

A Saturday morning breakfast ride is going to happen.  Start clearing your schedules now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

ThNR Report

Myron, Tom, James, Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Chaz, myself and newcomer Chris (welcome to ABES Chris) zipped around town for our weekly jaunt.  We hit the outskirts of town and cycled until it was time to watch the Jets win.  David, Steve B and Paul B joined us at the clubhouse where the minutes include: Cove Bike names, Steven reported on the cx meeting, David is getting a scope to clean up his knee, the 68’er, Nash gave us free wings, Whiteshell camping and peddle-boat races, Steve B returned from his drinking trip in Alberta, Duke showed off his new Keen cycling shoes, Gavin is celebrating his 39th birthday this weekend, the Jets won in OT, Tom is raking in meat money, marriage counselling, and Paul returned after 40 day and 40 nights from his European trip and amused us with new shoes and his homotel experience that included a disturbing “Please Disturb” door sign.  Good times.  JS

Welcome back 'Mr.' Fancy Pants

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

ThNR Report

10 dudes showed up to ride around town.  James was riding a new bike - his brothers old Sekini which had been stored indoors for 30 years and is in mint condition.  Score.  On the ride, Mike managed to blow out his derailleur and Curt was kind enough to push him home.  My crank was feeling cranky but I was able to manage.  By the time we retired to the clubhouse, soggy pants and the Jets prevailed.  Minutes include: lost laptops, Albert is going to Moab next week, getting locked out of your hotel room, Dan severed a tendon in his hand which has resulted in The Tickler, we're all trying to be cool but are actually seething, the awesomeness of McCain's cakes, and BS DS is planning the DTWAT TTWAD (Time Trial With A Difference) for next week.  Good times.

Old school styles - James AND his new bike
Giles and Shaun getting sloppy

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Time for a country cruise?  David talked about a time trial, but talk is cheap.  Maybe a knockdown fest on the ice before it melts in a month or two.  What will it be?  Show up and find out.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

You like awesome, right?

ABES Camping weekend.  June 7-9th, Falcon Lake, MB.  Mark it on your calendar, you'll want to be there gentlemen.  (rumor has it Giles will bring pepperoni sticks!)

Friday, April 5, 2013

ThNR Report

Calling Giles’ bike stolen may have been premature.  Forgotten would have been more accurate.  Going to school, substitute teaching, a new job, selling and buying a house, 3 young kids and preparing to leave for holidays will do that to a guy.  Giles left his bike at school when he was a sub.  He found it 11 days later, leaning against the wall where he had put it.  Absent mindedness meets small town goodness.  Sometimes it works.
12 of us cycled around town and found that the puddles were turning to ice.  There were several close calls but we managed to make it back to the clubhouse unscathed.  Minutes include: Gavin shared how he proposed to Joanne during a job interview, March madness broken leg video, Giles uses sandpaper and bleach to cure poison ivy, the cross country ski crowd is enjoying their extended season, James shared his story about his perfect 180 bike slide, Steve limped in with a broken leg (don’t worry, his snowmobile is fine), Steven reminded me about the advertised sausage sticks which were promptly consumed while Giles showed his impressive/disturbing sausage skills, Whiteshell camping promises to be wicked-awesome, Tom suggested team ABES 2014 for Quiz Night, gravel road routes and grass track racing potential, small town good and evil, and Shaun showed us how he spills beer on himself. 

Here are some very terrible pictures of good times...

I remembered, I remembered!
Curt likes what he sees 
Bruiser is ready to catch up on his soap operas
Bruisers hardware 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We'll cycle around town and look for a missing bike.  I'll bring pepperoni sticks to keep us happy.  See you at 8.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stolen Bike

Local pretty-boy, Giles Ringer reports that his bike was stolen while he was in T.O.  Keep your eyes peeled for an old, blue and white road bike that has a tendency to fall down.  The good news is that it won’t be at the bottom of the pond.  If we find out who took our brothers bike, we may have to deal out some old school country justice - or more likely some intense passive-aggressive shunning. 

Help a brother out?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ABES Whiteshell weekend

Yes, you need to know.  The details.

June 7-9th the ABES have the group camping bay at Falcon Lake reserved.  That's Friday through Sunday boys.  So what do we have planned?  That's the beauty of it.  Whatever we want!  Plans can be discussed as the date approaches but book it off now.  Guaranteed fun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Thursday Night Ride report (belated)

It was coolish.  But people (as always) showed up.  James, Duker, PK, Franklin, Shaun, special guest Ian Hall and myself (DS) managed to convene at HQ and after chatting and procrastinating, rode.  Out and back through the village then over to the Park to climb and descend and forgoe a knockdown on the ultra slick pond.  This is where my ride ended (Fuck you knee!) but the others headed North.  Curt T. passed me as I limped back to the clubhouse and apparently he caught up with them.  Back at Grumpy's the Duker rolled in (we'd lost him somewhere) and we sat down for some beverages.  The rest of the crew showed up sporadically over the next little while (including Lyle, fresh from the big foggy city) and we discussed (amongst other things):  the Sunflower Festival gravel/road race (the reason Ian graced us with his presence), music for said race (Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices)?, bike shops v. places that sell bikes, PK wants to hit children in airports, the ABES MTN Bike wknd and entry/inviation to the event, dinosaur tails = penis insertion (natch), getting the strap, Lorne Triska and possibly the finest Cougar/Older Bar Wench moniker of all time...High Mileage.  All in all a delightful evening.  We should try it again sometime.

James, the abominable cyclist