Friday, April 26, 2013

ThNR Report

Giles, Steven, DB, Gavin, James, Lyle, Chris, Jeff and I met to cycle.  New bikes were shown and jealousy ensued.  Chris showed off his new Norco cross bike, Franklin pieced his carbon black-beauty together and Lyle was riding the nicest souvenir I've ever seen.  I hate you guys.

We took to the streets and promptly lost Jeff - sorry Jeff.  Roads are mostly dry and ready for skinny tires - huzzah!  We met Tom, David, Duke, Tom, Shaun, Trevor and Derrick at the clubhouse where minutes included: Shaun has Jets-tourettes, Go Bombers, Speed/weight/time handicap, 30" waist clydesdale pants?, pissing your pants in a VW, DB upped his DB'ery by squeezing out his sweat rag on our table, running into your dad at the bar when you're 16 (don't tell your mom), Tom is ready for the Pho Challenge (wall of fame or shame?), Giles has bought a house is St. James, and there will be free camping and beer at the ABES Whiteshell weekend thanks to the meat draw proceeds.  Good times.

New Bikes:


The Saturday morning breakfast gravel ride has turned into a Saturday afternoon road ride (+15 degrees!).  We'll probably go to Rosetown and back.  Everybody is welcome.  Confirmed: Cheryl, Cindy, Shaun, myself - others were working on childcare.  The more the merrier.  We'll gather at 2:00 at David and Cindy's house.

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