Saturday, May 31, 2014

ThNR Report

David, Shaun, Franklin, Paul, Curt, Duke, Jared, Evan and I cycled this way and that until we didn’t want to cycle no mo.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Tom, Steve and Steven.  Minutes include: Douglas Coupland’s clothing line and giant bust, Dan loves the KHL, SX mowing threat – Steven said not to worry, Shaun submitted an incident report on Ike, David will receive a weekly vote of confidence and/or contribution to see if we will put him on an ice flow, our spring ride is in two weeks(!), Shaun’s giant birthday tick (shut-up and quit yer complain'n), the FCA dudes hanging their wallets over their gym pants (cool), painter cap and batting helmet fashion, the Big Fraud, and (thankfully) Paul held it together at the FGBC spring ride.  

Don't I know that guy?

David submitted this pic from todays zippy Breakfast Ride…

Good times.

Family mountain bike ride at Lake Minnewasta on Sunday.  Meet at the beach parking lot at 1:30.  Everyone’s invited.

Friday, May 30, 2014

I bike for coffee

Bike first, coffee later? Tomorrow at 9. The usual time and place. The usual "rules."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thursday Night Ride

Last week was another Best Ride of the Year.

See ooo at 8.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Breakfast ride?

If you're interested in a ride Saturday morning meet at Jonny and Cheryl's at 9am. Due to Athena and ABES marshaling the Curtis Klassen Memorial Walk/Run a few folks won't be able to make it. There's also been talk of a Sunday morning ride. Info will be posted here!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


See you at 8.

Check out this Kijiji ad I stumbled across today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CX Race Wed Morning

Anyone who is free at 10 am tomorrow is welcome to come to Miller High School for a demonstration CX race as part of the the Sustainable Transportation Conference put on by the Sustainable Energy Vocational Program at Miller.  It will be a short course but it would look better and more exciting if there were a few people on the course.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Good Times

It was super sweet day for mountain biking at tinker creek, exploring a magical rock garden, shooting bottles, exploring Franklin and Bethany's sweet country digs, and hanging out with great people.

Marguerite's bloodied bike 

Uncie Shaun

Gun locker
"  it happens"

Franklin's gym

Big Frame on a big frame

Elliot slides down the hill
Our DD's arrived in time to take us home.  I was really tired.
Thanks for the invitation and for tending our tots.  ABES hearts the Rempels.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Saturday Breakfast Ride

Saturday morning looks like a nice time for a bike ride.  9 AM at Johnny and Cheryl's place.  Whichever way the wind blows (or doesn't) and remember, this is a no drop ride for everyone!

ThNR Report

David, Shaun, James, Paul, Mike, Curt, Dan and I met to bike around town and country side.  It was a fine spring night for cycling.  Tom, Duke, Franklin, Steven and Jake joined us at the clubhouse where minutes included: David and I cleared a Wilf’er at the meat draw, pouring piers for sidewalks, Athena is going to The ‘Midge, Dan is on a forgiving run/walk schedule, Tom killed a squirrel on his bike (Tom was on the bike, not the squirrel), the ABES trebuchet (softride!), MIT – turn up the good / turn down the suck, playing the Smartest Team card, pastor Dan will use a hollowed out bible to smuggle back ammunition from his Minneapolis homily sing-along jamboree, Sunflower Festival Family Alley Cat, David played Stairway to Heaven on his autoharp, my bathroom graffiti was vandalized – too truthy, the clubhouse was awesomely empty, spitefully - “I’d rather donate to church than to baseball”, David is still wet for Hal Loewen’s slow pitch skills, and getting a “The beer is going to Ingolf” tattoo.

The weekend plans have changed…the cross race on Sunday has been upgraded to an ABES mountain biking/redneck party.  Franklin has agreed to provide childcare-like-services starting at 1:00 at his house to free up anybody that wants to go to Morden or Tinker Creek to bike about.  We’ll return to our young’ns for rehydration, a fire, hotdogs, guns and piglets.  The event is BYOEverything (including empty bottles/targets).  Yee-f’n-haw!

Good times.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

ThNR Report & SMBR Pics

James, Steven, Franklin, Curt, Steve, Lonny, Shaun, David, Tom, Paul, Dan, Albert and I enjoyed a beautiful evening of cycling.  We retired to the clubhouse where the minutes include: Franklin bought a bag of frozen peas in preparation for V-day, Steve wrecked his shock trying to fix his shock, Club beer ingredient: Deet, Spring Cross: Sunday, May Long Weekend = kids and adult races, fire, dogs, drinks, camping, good times - details a’comin, Shaun is clubhouse shopping, David Swirl-face, “It was a hell of a winter”, Lorne called the cops, ABES meat draw money will be used to gift a bottle of Makers Mark for the FGBC Spring Ride, Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech brought a tear to my eye, Steven was rattled by an aggressive farm dog, Tom is taking a Meat Draw holiday, of course the Giro d'Italia is in Belfast, and The Wunder Boner, and the Moose Lake Ride has been set for August 9.

Good times.
The Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride was enjoyed by 10 lucky riders who cycled to Rosetown.

Happy birthday Paul!

Julia shows the results of being a bad-ass.
Thank goodness Albert had some preparation H (or something) to keep the swelling down.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Rosetown loop anyone?

Let's head out on the circular logic of the roads that take us by this little church on the prairie and back to A-town for brunch. Wind direction will determine whether we ride south or west from town. It'll be an all-at-once ride this time, so you may need a little food for along the way.

Same time, same place.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Rain or shine.  8pm
Paul Bergman?  Miss youuuuu.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No Way! Way!

I saw this picture on Pink Bike last weekend.
My family and I were sure it was photoshopped.

Then we saw the video…

I still find it hard to believe!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wakey, wakey!

This is a pop quiz:
The douchebag is going to ride his bike on Saturday morning. He's going to ride it from Altona to Plum Coulee and back to Altona. When he gets to Plum Coulee he will
     a) eat breakfast with fellow riders;
     b) eat breakfast alone because:
                     i) he's a douchebag
                     ii) he's hungry and needs to rest after fighting the wind
                     iii) both i) & ii)
     c) turn around and ride home alone, because he's a douchebag
     d) turn around and ride home alone, because he's a machine
     e) anything is possible, but there is no escaping it when you're a douchebag

The usual time, the usual place!

Thursday Night Ride Report

Curt, Dan, Albert, Shaun, James, Gavin, Steven, Lonny (YES) on his new Cannondale cross bike, and I spun around town and got our legs and lungs moving.  We took a break on the hill before I found a lovely crevice to park my bike and flip over my handlebars.  David, Duke and Tom were seen scooting about on their bikes and we all eventually made it to the clubhouse.  Franklin and Steve joined us and minutes include: David is in contact/harassing Farmery beer, James has a hot fixe for sale/trade, Rob Ford “I’d jam her.”, CBC radio program hits and misses (hi there = bye there), rotating axe design V Franklins axe and sledge hammer technique, stories of Altona’s longstanding bicycle repairman/curmudgeon/bachelor - Bernie Winters, the alternative energy cyclocross race – May 21, Steven has a new screen saver, eft yes, Sweet Share-All Koop has a puurty new bike, Paul manages the Jerk Store, David schlucked all over the table, Shaun's Suburban has 433,000+ kms, wrong choice of words, we’re eagerly anticipating the inaugural beers from Prodigal Sons Brewing Co., and Duke requested to be body searched at the U.S. border.  Good times.  JS

David submitted these photos of Bernie Winters…