Sunday, May 11, 2014

ThNR Report & SMBR Pics

James, Steven, Franklin, Curt, Steve, Lonny, Shaun, David, Tom, Paul, Dan, Albert and I enjoyed a beautiful evening of cycling.  We retired to the clubhouse where the minutes include: Franklin bought a bag of frozen peas in preparation for V-day, Steve wrecked his shock trying to fix his shock, Club beer ingredient: Deet, Spring Cross: Sunday, May Long Weekend = kids and adult races, fire, dogs, drinks, camping, good times - details a’comin, Shaun is clubhouse shopping, David Swirl-face, “It was a hell of a winter”, Lorne called the cops, ABES meat draw money will be used to gift a bottle of Makers Mark for the FGBC Spring Ride, Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech brought a tear to my eye, Steven was rattled by an aggressive farm dog, Tom is taking a Meat Draw holiday, of course the Giro d'Italia is in Belfast, and The Wunder Boner, and the Moose Lake Ride has been set for August 9.

Good times.
The Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride was enjoyed by 10 lucky riders who cycled to Rosetown.

Happy birthday Paul!

Julia shows the results of being a bad-ass.
Thank goodness Albert had some preparation H (or something) to keep the swelling down.

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