Friday, May 2, 2014

Thursday Night Ride Report

Curt, Dan, Albert, Shaun, James, Gavin, Steven, Lonny (YES) on his new Cannondale cross bike, and I spun around town and got our legs and lungs moving.  We took a break on the hill before I found a lovely crevice to park my bike and flip over my handlebars.  David, Duke and Tom were seen scooting about on their bikes and we all eventually made it to the clubhouse.  Franklin and Steve joined us and minutes include: David is in contact/harassing Farmery beer, James has a hot fixe for sale/trade, Rob Ford “I’d jam her.”, CBC radio program hits and misses (hi there = bye there), rotating axe design V Franklins axe and sledge hammer technique, stories of Altona’s longstanding bicycle repairman/curmudgeon/bachelor - Bernie Winters, the alternative energy cyclocross race – May 21, Steven has a new screen saver, eft yes, Sweet Share-All Koop has a puurty new bike, Paul manages the Jerk Store, David schlucked all over the table, Shaun's Suburban has 433,000+ kms, wrong choice of words, we’re eagerly anticipating the inaugural beers from Prodigal Sons Brewing Co., and Duke requested to be body searched at the U.S. border.  Good times.  JS

David submitted these photos of Bernie Winters…

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