Friday, May 16, 2014

ThNR Report

David, Shaun, James, Paul, Mike, Curt, Dan and I met to bike around town and country side.  It was a fine spring night for cycling.  Tom, Duke, Franklin, Steven and Jake joined us at the clubhouse where minutes included: David and I cleared a Wilf’er at the meat draw, pouring piers for sidewalks, Athena is going to The ‘Midge, Dan is on a forgiving run/walk schedule, Tom killed a squirrel on his bike (Tom was on the bike, not the squirrel), the ABES trebuchet (softride!), MIT – turn up the good / turn down the suck, playing the Smartest Team card, pastor Dan will use a hollowed out bible to smuggle back ammunition from his Minneapolis homily sing-along jamboree, Sunflower Festival Family Alley Cat, David played Stairway to Heaven on his autoharp, my bathroom graffiti was vandalized – too truthy, the clubhouse was awesomely empty, spitefully - “I’d rather donate to church than to baseball”, David is still wet for Hal Loewen’s slow pitch skills, and getting a “The beer is going to Ingolf” tattoo.

The weekend plans have changed…the cross race on Sunday has been upgraded to an ABES mountain biking/redneck party.  Franklin has agreed to provide childcare-like-services starting at 1:00 at his house to free up anybody that wants to go to Morden or Tinker Creek to bike about.  We’ll return to our young’ns for rehydration, a fire, hotdogs, guns and piglets.  The event is BYOEverything (including empty bottles/targets).  Yee-f’n-haw!

Good times.

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