Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Same old awesomeness at 8:00?  Natch.  See you then brothers.
Wednesday photo file:
Albert and Walters shadow in the Yuha Desert.  Lucky dogs.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

ABES Winter Bike Fest

We missed our winter festival last year due to the lack of winter.  This year we'd better get to it before spring arrives.  Everybody is invited to join in on the fun - the more the merrier.  The bikey goodness will take place on Sunday, March 17 at 2:00 - gather at ABES headquarters.  The afternoon will see us cycle around town, have knockdown games at the outdoor rinks, then have an hour long relay race at the park.  Prizes are a definite maybe but bragging rights last a lifetime.  

Post race festivities will take place at the ABES clubhouse oasis where we'll have access to the pool and hot-tub.  Right Arm!  Cost of admission is a salad or dessert to go with the rink dogs.  BYOB.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

ThNR Report

Chaz, Gavin, Shaun, Franklin, Dan, Giles and I found some paths and rinks around town. The weather was cooperative and it was good to see Chaz again.  Chaz again.We were joined at the clubhouse by Tom, David, James and Curt "too cool for school" Toews.  Minutes include: the perks of flying 1st class, ABES are gods, Franklin wants to start the WC Miller Cycling Club, projectile vomiting stories, the wings were on hold but the jalapeƱo poppers burning going in and out, Giles was generous with Jag and Nugs, "I wouldn't snowmobile Active Epica", A.B.E.S.C.U., my wife is a surly drinker, and the ABES winter bike festival.  I'm sad to announce that Giles and his family are packing up and moving to Weinerpeg.  Giles is a righteous dude and will be missed.  Bummer/good-luck.

Our provincial champion submitted this photo of the rig he will use to meander from San Diego to Arizona.  Reports and or photos should be forthcoming. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yup. 8.

I was at the bike shop today and learned that our beloved hippie (and provincial champion) Albert, is joining forces with 2012 Road Trip cyclist, Walter Hiebert.  They are flying to San Diego to cycle and camp their way to Phoenix.  I'm not jealous at all, but I hate you guys.  Have fun.

Friday, February 15, 2013

ThNR Report

Duke, James, Shaun, Gavin, Tom and I took our bikes to the streets and rinks for rides and games.  We were joined at the clubhouse by Lyle, David and Steven.  Minutes include: February 15 is Mennonite Valentine’s day, James got a free mountain bike wheel at the police bike junkyard, Lyle shared his (stupid awesome) bike deets, ABES Minneapolis brewery and velodrome road trip, Sandra D buys her own valentines gifts, Shaun was introduced to grunge by Weird Al, Lyle has plans to make a 21 speed penny farthing, an ingenious grocery getter, it takes a confident man to drive a Chevy HHT, Jack’s 'wisdom" for ABES, “Thursday is my night.  I’ll take you out on Sunday.  Fuck off.”, 5 Guys Burgers and review, Winkler has gyro night at Twisters, xc ski grooming in Altona, Athena doesn’t want to play with ABES, the big yeti, curling in cowboy boots, Lyle skis to work, and Tom got flashed at the meat draw.  Good times.

Penny farthing plans
Tom plays Simon Says
Clubhouse graffiti modification
Stevens snot is a hazard to others at Ice Bike

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It may be Valentine's Day but he should've picked a better day.  Kiss your partner or ride your bike or if it's love (twue wuve), you might be able to do both.  8:00 at my place.

Paul K told me he needs money.  I told him get in line.  He told me people still need to pony-up for their woolies.  Sooo, if you have not payed up...Pay up already once!  If you refuse, you will be forced to draft behind DB during his sweaty rides.  And they're ALL sweaty rides.

Monday, February 11, 2013

ThNR Report - Late Edition

Franklin, James, Giles, Shaun, Albert and I found the snoval and pathways around town with a few stops for knockdowns.  David, Tom, Paul W and Mike found their own rabbits to chase.  We miraculously met up at the clubhouse where we were joined by DB, Steven and Derrick Sawatzky.  Meeting minutes include: wool jersey awesomeness and design, Giles thinks he lost ½ - 1 size with a cold machine wash (lay flat to dry), Shaun thinks hope is the first step to disappointment, James is looking for a new rear mountain bike wheel, road trips and literature discussed with Fear and Loathing in Cross Vegas, bullshit V the shit (Shaun wins at poker), Athena drinks Pepsi, Dieter Brock University, kids are dumb, bike club prenups, a lengthy discussion on grrl power V united we (all) stand, running and triathlons are awesome/BS, shrooming fun/terror, cribbage game night, and Valentine’s day - Thursday Night Ride edition should be bromantic. 

We kept our bay with the two unleashed great danes
Things got goofy at the clubhouse
Why is there a hula hoop contest?
Why don't we ALWAYS have a hula hoop contest!

Late edition: David cleared some snow and Gavin and I led the bike races at the Altona Winter Carnival.  A handful of kids and adults participated in the inaugural event.  We raced in the snoval, then on the paths around the baseball fields.  Snowballs were thrown at young and old alike – it was all good.  The Altona Farm Service provided 9 bike prizes and we had 9 kids so all the little ones got a little su’m-su’m.  Well done team.  Charles took some pics - they're posted below.  Thanks Chaz. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Carnival "Snowval" bike racing doesn't get much more fun than this!  Pictures from the Winter Carnival bike races.   CK


Pulling into the finish line with style!

 Sweet skid into the finish!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We should ride some wings and eat some bikes.  Or something like that. 8:00 start.
Yogi master Curt.  Impressive.
Lyle has some bikes in his stable that he’s ready to sell.  His bikes are well maintained and very purty.  If you’re leggy (or a short, aging hippy), you may be interested in giving them a test-ride.  They include: 
Kona Jake the Snake, size 61, $85o
Grocery bike: $250
Another Kona Jake the snake frame, size 61, $200

If you're interested, contact Lyle.  I think he still lives in Altona.

Friday, February 1, 2013

ThNR Report

Duke, Steven, Giles, Gavin, James, Shaun and I avoided the weather with a short ride to DSwats pad for the third period of the Jets game.  We then rode all the way back to the clubhouse.  All the way back!  Tom was waiting for us for our meeting where minutes included: the mall's - JP Fun Wear, bicycle races on the snoval at the Altona Winter-Fest next weekend, Calvin Braun’s idling car and sick tan, David proposed an alleycat fundraiser for the local skate park, manservant Shaun is void of hope, baseball field V skate park BS, salty finger sucking, terrorist lockdown to traumatize Elmwood school kids, does anybody says aboot?, you’re fat but I’m fatter discussions, Chip 'n Pepper acid wash jeans, fornication V for-an-occasion, fishing with grenades, wool jersey design ideas - to be finalized by 2014, flirting with the marriage of Athena and ABES, The Hoa, CX championship road trip, Cross Vegas 2013 road trip, and Steven is looking forward to wrestling (American History X curb stomping) David.  Good times. 

If you’re interested in watching the world CX championships in Louisville, the races have been changed from Sunday to Saturday morning because of flooding.  Sounds like it’s going to be cold, wet, and possibly a snowy race.  In other words, perfect cross conditions.

Update: view the worlds here.

I didn't take any pictures this week but as luck would have it, Steven sent me this...

Good times