Monday, February 11, 2013

ThNR Report - Late Edition

Franklin, James, Giles, Shaun, Albert and I found the snoval and pathways around town with a few stops for knockdowns.  David, Tom, Paul W and Mike found their own rabbits to chase.  We miraculously met up at the clubhouse where we were joined by DB, Steven and Derrick Sawatzky.  Meeting minutes include: wool jersey awesomeness and design, Giles thinks he lost ½ - 1 size with a cold machine wash (lay flat to dry), Shaun thinks hope is the first step to disappointment, James is looking for a new rear mountain bike wheel, road trips and literature discussed with Fear and Loathing in Cross Vegas, bullshit V the shit (Shaun wins at poker), Athena drinks Pepsi, Dieter Brock University, kids are dumb, bike club prenups, a lengthy discussion on grrl power V united we (all) stand, running and triathlons are awesome/BS, shrooming fun/terror, cribbage game night, and Valentine’s day - Thursday Night Ride edition should be bromantic. 

We kept our bay with the two unleashed great danes
Things got goofy at the clubhouse
Why is there a hula hoop contest?
Why don't we ALWAYS have a hula hoop contest!

Late edition: David cleared some snow and Gavin and I led the bike races at the Altona Winter Carnival.  A handful of kids and adults participated in the inaugural event.  We raced in the snoval, then on the paths around the baseball fields.  Snowballs were thrown at young and old alike – it was all good.  The Altona Farm Service provided 9 bike prizes and we had 9 kids so all the little ones got a little su’m-su’m.  Well done team.  Charles took some pics - they're posted below.  Thanks Chaz. 


  1. any traction to the idea of moving the ride to wednesday this week?

  2. This is the first I've heard of it. Or you - Jake? Wednesdays are no good for me. I'm riding on Thursday. J