Thursday, February 7, 2013


We should ride some wings and eat some bikes.  Or something like that. 8:00 start.
Yogi master Curt.  Impressive.
Lyle has some bikes in his stable that he’s ready to sell.  His bikes are well maintained and very purty.  If you’re leggy (or a short, aging hippy), you may be interested in giving them a test-ride.  They include: 
Kona Jake the Snake, size 61, $85o
Grocery bike: $250
Another Kona Jake the snake frame, size 61, $200

If you're interested, contact Lyle.  I think he still lives in Altona.


  1. There is a track through the Elmwood school yard that needs some bike tracks on it today. The grade 3's had Global Village Day and made some cool stuff worth a look see.

  2. anyone up for a ride tonight?? Giles 216-2926(for a good time)