Friday, February 15, 2013

ThNR Report

Duke, James, Shaun, Gavin, Tom and I took our bikes to the streets and rinks for rides and games.  We were joined at the clubhouse by Lyle, David and Steven.  Minutes include: February 15 is Mennonite Valentine’s day, James got a free mountain bike wheel at the police bike junkyard, Lyle shared his (stupid awesome) bike deets, ABES Minneapolis brewery and velodrome road trip, Sandra D buys her own valentines gifts, Shaun was introduced to grunge by Weird Al, Lyle has plans to make a 21 speed penny farthing, an ingenious grocery getter, it takes a confident man to drive a Chevy HHT, Jack’s 'wisdom" for ABES, “Thursday is my night.  I’ll take you out on Sunday.  Fuck off.”, 5 Guys Burgers and review, Winkler has gyro night at Twisters, xc ski grooming in Altona, Athena doesn’t want to play with ABES, the big yeti, curling in cowboy boots, Lyle skis to work, and Tom got flashed at the meat draw.  Good times.

Penny farthing plans
Tom plays Simon Says
Clubhouse graffiti modification
Stevens snot is a hazard to others at Ice Bike