Saturday, February 23, 2013

ThNR Report

Chaz, Gavin, Shaun, Franklin, Dan, Giles and I found some paths and rinks around town. The weather was cooperative and it was good to see Chaz again.  Chaz again.We were joined at the clubhouse by Tom, David, James and Curt "too cool for school" Toews.  Minutes include: the perks of flying 1st class, ABES are gods, Franklin wants to start the WC Miller Cycling Club, projectile vomiting stories, the wings were on hold but the jalapeƱo poppers burning going in and out, Giles was generous with Jag and Nugs, "I wouldn't snowmobile Active Epica", A.B.E.S.C.U., my wife is a surly drinker, and the ABES winter bike festival.  I'm sad to announce that Giles and his family are packing up and moving to Weinerpeg.  Giles is a righteous dude and will be missed.  Bummer/good-luck.

Our provincial champion submitted this photo of the rig he will use to meander from San Diego to Arizona.  Reports and or photos should be forthcoming. 

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