Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

The last Thursday Night Ride of 2011 saw James, Shaun, Steven, Gavin, Steve, Dan, Duke and I spin around town.  Shaun revealed his new bike – a Surly cross-check with custom bar wraps made of materials that Shaun hand-made and wrapped himself; brain tanned deer hide (really) weaved with strips of leather jacket that belonged to his grandpa - brilliant!  After we ooed and awed at his shiney new bike and ingenuity, we graciously agreeing to drink Dan’s last 8 FG Rouge (8 beers + 8 ABES = a Christmas miracle!), then around town and out to the Altona cemetary for some fun mini-track action.  We rode to the top of the hill, confirmed that the ice on the pond was still slippery and retired at the clubhouse where we were joined by David who didn’t ride due to a tummy ache.  Minutes include: gas powered blenders, Dancing Dave (Gabe’s protégé), drinkify, The Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams hockey team, new music sources, Wii games and AC/DC, a freak on the wall, bike pulls, Jets win in OT, triple-rider tall bike, new bike carriers (that don’t drop bikes), buying the wrong glasses, junkyard cross, and washing dishes V clubhouse meetings.  Good times.  JS

I think a New years eve ride would be a good idea.  We should meet at my place at 1pm and see what gives.  Options: Southern Cross revisited, Altona cemetary races, Altona Moto Cross 10, gravel road exploration, or a Buffalo creek ride.  Post your preference or just show up and let peer pressure be your guide.  This snow should make riding the creek more enjoyable so that’s my vote – I’d even try riding it all the way to St. Jean for poutine if we can arrange a ride home.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Of course we're riding.  Meet at my place at 9:00.  JS

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to ME!

Good news - my camera was found and returned.  Barb Bergen found my camera, made some connections and called to tell me the good news.  Small town goodness abides.  Oh happy day.  This means I can share some photos from Saturday's Buffalo creek ride.  I also discovered my jackets pocket zipper is broken which explains the lost camera.
Barb cheers for small town kindness
This creek crossing included cement coffin lids - creepy.
Dan makes his way under the road

Finding snow was essential

Crack and hump on the ice (twss)

Finding our way back to the creek

Today I found a bit of free time to explore more creek passes.  The warm weather made for less snow/traction, and more water on top of the ice.  Falling would be a bad idea and I took it extra easy - I walked when it looked extra slick. 

Buffalo creek at the 201 

Taking a horse for a walk.  Yes you are.
I heard that Albert, Dan, Paul, Matt and Patrick did some sniffing on the creek today as well.  This weather is nuts.  Get out and explore ya'll.  JS

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Fool!

Merry Christmas brothers and sisters and happy birthday Santa!  I hope you all got some sweet cycling goodies and are enjoying time with loved ones.

Yesterday Dan and I sniffed out Buffalo creek and we were able to ride to the bridge near Rosenfeld.  We skirted the edge of the creek to find some snow/traction.  I fell down about 5 times and have sore legs today.  I encourage you all to take advantage of this weather and sniff out any creek you can - it's beautiful and makes you feel like a bad-ass.  I also lost my *bleep*ing camera somewhere between the 4H horse stables and Niakwa Pizza (best burgers in Altona).  I'm hoping a good samaritan sees the cool pictures of pastor Dan riding on the creek and returns them in exchange for a clear conscience and some good karma.  JS

Friday, December 23, 2011

ThNR Report

Steven, James, W, DB, Tom, Dan, Bruce, and I went for a spin around town.  We finally had a chance to use our knockdown skillz at the pond but it was more of a falldown – nobody could stay up on the freshly cleared ice with several riders hitting the ice hard.  We had more fun on the part of the pond that still had snow.  James was the champ as he b-slapped everybody, knocking people over like a bull (bully).  My only hope was to blind people with my light, but it did little good.  On our way back to the clubhouse we scouted out piles of snow to scramble over.  Steven had a gracefull endo and Bruce easily raced over but flated in the process; good thing he owns a bike shop that was only three blocks away.  We made our way to the clubhouse where we were joined by Duke, David and one time ABE of the year candidate Steve B – the prodigal ABE started the year so strong but has gone astray in November/December.  We have hope that Bruiser will return to his former glory and find his way back to the fold.  The clubhouse was not as packed as I feared but there were approximately 30 dudes milling about when we got there – unfortunatley for them there were no women to be seen.  None.  There was an actual ovation when the first woman finally joined the ranks of the rank.  Minutes at the clubhouse are skimpy as I relied on my sketchy beer laden memory.  Minutes I do “remember”: plaid bicycle clips, sound-surround and mob-flash, swallowing V spitting (wine), a taste of chili V Chile, reclaiming garbage summer project, Windygates Christmas break road ride (TBA), Myron was drinking free beer all night because he's a good guy - he also bought jerky and chips for the meeting because he's a good guy, best concert ever: Garth Brookes and Cher – believe it, talented hipsters, warm knees are happy knees, and shaving the stache off the ABES logo is long overdue. 
There will be a Saturday morning Buffalo Creek ride.  We'll scout out the creek and ride wherever we want.  Meet at my place at 9:30 and we'll finish with a nice warm brunch. 

 Good times.  JS

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thursday Night Ride

Meet at my place at 9.

During the pre-Christmas week, the clubhouse is sure to be crowded, loud and full of horny university students home for free food and clean laundry.  We’ll ride but we may need a warm garage, bike shop or barn to have our meeting.  Any offers?  JS

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gravel Report. Teemu is still awesome.

Dan and I carved out a morning of bikes and brunch last Saturday.  Compared to the previous gravel rides, this one was a dream.  Crystal drove us to Stinkler and we cycled back.  The wind pushed us from the WNW and the 150 (?) foot decent over 38 kms was not noticable - but didn’t hurt.  Central Manitoba hills are very subtle.  Wind aided and downhill is my new favorite way to ride bike.  We rode a nice route along the crick.  They may have been cheater miles but they were good times non the less. 

No pictures to add to the report – happy birthday mom!

Speaking of good times - the Jets V Selanne game was not good – it was perfect.  The Jets won, Temmu is still awesome and loved by anybody who knows anything about anything, post game beers and nachos were deluxe and David didn’t give my ticket away out of spite.  It all worked out very nicely.  

Duke took these pics...


Friday, December 16, 2011

ThNR Report

It was a cold night but we had a good turnout for the ThNR - Tom, Pole Vaulter, Gavin, Duke, Chaz, Steve, Shaun, James, Curt, Dan and I were in attendance.  Derrick sent his regrets.  We rode about our fair hamlet like we do.  David met us at the clubhouse where the minutes included: Paul's new Redline, Christmas concerts, Chaz visited Angry Catfish, Shaun's about to build up a Surly cross-check, the Abe Lincoln movies (Daniel Day Lewis and Vampire versions), the "Is Santa real?" discussion, MTS hatred, David's red Vette (chevette), Teemu V The Jets this Saturday!, Dyck-wrap, It's business time, the Schwinn fixie project, MEC ice bike race, David wear panties?, and double sided urinal troughs.  Good times.  JS

Apparently my camera card was full so no pictures of the ThNR this week but here's the last picture I was able to take - Happy birthday mom!

Dan and I are riding tomorrow morning.  There is room for two more dudes.  Brunch will be served in Rocktona.  Should be fun.  JS

Thursday, December 15, 2011


That's hilarious.  Brown shoes with jeans!  HAHAHA
We should meet at my place tonight at 9pm and ride our bikes around town.  Maybe we could go somewhere for a drink after the ride.  Sounds like fun.  See you tonight.  JS

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Think about it...

The weather continues to kick ass and we should too.  Is anybody up for a SATURDAY morning gravel road ride?  Meet at my place at 9:30 and we'll ride for 2 hours'ish on the best gravel and dirt roads we can find, then conclude with brunch.  Let the warm food and hot coffee be your motivation and reward.  Let me know if you plan to ride.  JS

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Conversation

Take this as you will but its as close a rendition (based on emails and general attitude) of Johnny's attitude towards the "St. Jean Incident"...

I also have one extra ticket for this Saturday's Jets game vs. Anaheim.  It was Johnny's.  Let me know who wants it.

Cycling Explained

Via the interwebs...

I don't think we have any ABES thinner than a heroin addict on a crash diet do we?  We're more of the clydesdales crowd.  JS

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gravel and Eggs Report

Steven, Paul and I met to cycle the back roads to Morris for brunch.  The forecast indicated we were going to have a tailwind but mother-nature laughed at our plans and gave us a headwind instead.  The mild weather made the gravel slightly tacky so it sprayed anybody trying to draft – it was both comical and annoying.  As we approached highway 14, Steven’s derailleur hanger snapped off, jumped into his wheel and broke a spoke.  I assume this was either the residual effects of last week’s ugly incident, or Steven has such wicked strong legs that he torqued the life out of his bike.  In either case it sucked, (I’m still sorry), and he needed to be rescued by Sandra.  We continued on with Paul leading the way like a stud - it’s like he rides gravel roads and windy conditions all the time or something.  We made it to Morris for some weak coffee, medium steak and eggs and eventually, warm toes.  Marguerite gave us an incident free ride home - which was nice.  If my funky mojo hasn't scared anybody off we should do this again next week.  JS
That's bad.  

DB trying his darndest

Morris is in sight

Saturday, December 10, 2011

MemoryCat report

Thursday saw the ABES riders return to racing.  It'd been awhile since we'd pitted ourselves against each other and the chilly temps and biting winds weren't enough to dissuade 8 brave souls.  The bitter cold was a great inspiration for the MemoryCat.  No pens, no lights, just a rider and his bike.  And hopefully the brainpower to remember what they saw.

No more details about the actual race since I'll be re-running this baby on Sunday for the Athena ladies.  So check back for Sandra's perspective (she's a better wordsmith than me anyways).

Race results are as follows...

1.  Steven   25:27 - 25:00 (memory bonuses) = 00:27

2. James    31:34 - 25:00 = 6:34

3.  Shaun    25:53 - 17:00 = 8:53

4.  Johnny    24:25 - 13:00 = 11:25

5.  Ben      29:46 - 17:00 = 12:46

6.  Paul W.   31:39 - 17:00 = 14:39

7.  Gavin    29:29 - 12:00 = 17:29

8.  Albert   31:59 - 13:00 = 18:59

Steven took home $30 for the win and James $10 for the podium finish.  Actually Steven took home nothing since he graciously bought a round with his winnings.  Class act.

Lots of things were discussed that night (the race was short) but I lost my notes and can't remember.  Post your comments/reminiscences below.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gravel and Eggs

A Sunday morning gravel road ride sounds like a good idea and the weather looks promising.  I’m not promising the experience will be good but I need to get back on the horse.  I’m hoping the horse doesn’t fall on top my friends horses and makes it home without a flat (you know what I mean).  Poutine deux is a possibility or we could extend the trip slightly and have steak and eggs at Burke’s Dinner in Morris.  Post your druthers brothers.  JS

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thursday Night Alleycat!

It's been awhile since we competed against each other.  So Thursday we'll get back to our racing ways with an alleycat.  The name of said alleycat?  Can't tell you.  All you need to know are the three things required for this race: you, your bike and five bucks.  No pens, no chalkboards, no lights, no bustiers.  Those three things.  Although it will be kinda cool so warm clothing (and always a helmet!) are suggested.

9 PM at Johnny's, see you there!

Monday, December 5, 2011

TdStJB Report

The Tour de St Jean Babtiste was a memorable one – for all the right and wrong reasons.  David, Steven and I enjoyed our Sunday morning gravel and dirt ride.  We were all warm enough, sometimes too warm although I did need to use some of Steven's hotpads for my feet.  The roads were in good to excellent condition and we kept a sensible pace for a two hour pedal to the promised land of curds and gravy.  The poutine was great - mine included sausage, fried onions and bacon.  Bistro 758 was a pleasant surprise for all newcomers and worthy of a do-over.  We could have biked home but our goal was to eat a plateful of comfy fries and not confict with the Athena SAR.  We were met by our families (minus Carr et al – sorry) for lunch and to get a ride home.  


Steven and my clan loaded up the bikes on my car and I decided to take the gravel roads home to retrace our steps and to look for better lanes for future rides.  I should have skipped this idea and taken the highway home – I know this now but isnt there something about taking the roads less traveled and being open to adventure or something?!  Anywho – on our way back there was a dip in the road that I slowed down for, but apparently not enough when you have a bike rack.  Four of the six straps holding the rack on the car ripped and to my horror when I looked in the rearview mirror I saw three bikes falling to the dirt road behind me.  OH SHIT.  The bikes had some bent brake levers, scrapped paint, and a broken spoke or two but all in all we came out ok (future reports may prove otherwise).  Steven and I untangled the heap of bikes, tied knots in all the straps, reloaded the bikes and continued home.  A few minutes later the car was making funny noises that I first attributed to the dirt road but soon realized was a flat tire.  Shitty.  So we had to unload/load the bikes so we could change the tire and limp home – this time on the highway.  Having Steven in the car with my family did add to the embarrassment level but he did help diffuse a tense situation and help me with the agonizing loading/salvaging/loading/unloading/changing a tire/loading duties.  In summary: the ride was great, the food was great, I’m sorry about your bikes, and I need a bike hitch.   Good times followed by less than good times.   JS  

Flat tire photo.  No shots of the bikes carnage.
I wasn't in the mood for documentation.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Movember Finale / ThNR Report

The lure of free sunflower seeds was too much for hairy, cycling mennonites to resist as it lured a healthy number of riders out for the Thursday night ride.  DB, James, W, Tom, Duke, Gavin, Steven, Chaz, Curt, Steve, Albert and myself started our ride with an unsuccessful intervention at Schiesse’s place followed by a raft check and a spin to the usual corners.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Paul B.  Movember is done and our moustache contest was no contest at all  – Steven Wiebe was the manliest of men and took the win, the honor of the Tom Selleck award with his enviable display of virility.  Tom took the Dapper Dan award with his Gable’esque flair, and Gavin would have won the draw for the bag of seeds if he didn’t have to leave to take care of screaming children.  David ended up winning the zote but pastor dipshit Dan couldn’t keep his gruppy paws off Dswats bag and blew his seeds all over the table (welcome back Dan).  Other minutes included: flipping cars over is easy (physics n shit), the Hitler/Micheal Jordan stache, our server took a grenade to save the bar from an annoying intruder, youwannafuckarou?, stroking the stache, I F’n wiped out on my GD SOB MF bike again F (I’m still pissed – sorry JC), fashion V faciest statements, James welds new drops on his single speed (impressive), wildly V mildy innapropriate, practical jokes with dead squirrels gone wrong/horribly right, taking dictation, holocost rings, and possible developments in the ABES PR department.  Good times.  JS

Tour de St. Jean - Sunday
Is anybody interested in joining David and I for a gravel road ride to St. Jean?  Bistro 758 serves the finest poutine in the province.  Aside from the traditional ingredients, one may top their fare with almost anything available at the restaruant (pepperoni, bacon, ham, chicken fingers, fried onions, mushrooms, peppers, sausage, etc, etc, etc).  And while we’re there we might explore the quad trails along the river.  The full bellied return trip will be of the motorized variety so enjoy the ride and eat up!  Arrangements need to be made so post a comment if you’d like to celebrate the daring and the decadence of life.  We leave from ABES headquarters at 10:30.  What say ye good fellows?