Monday, December 19, 2011

Gravel Report. Teemu is still awesome.

Dan and I carved out a morning of bikes and brunch last Saturday.  Compared to the previous gravel rides, this one was a dream.  Crystal drove us to Stinkler and we cycled back.  The wind pushed us from the WNW and the 150 (?) foot decent over 38 kms was not noticable - but didn’t hurt.  Central Manitoba hills are very subtle.  Wind aided and downhill is my new favorite way to ride bike.  We rode a nice route along the crick.  They may have been cheater miles but they were good times non the less. 

No pictures to add to the report – happy birthday mom!

Speaking of good times - the Jets V Selanne game was not good – it was perfect.  The Jets won, Temmu is still awesome and loved by anybody who knows anything about anything, post game beers and nachos were deluxe and David didn’t give my ticket away out of spite.  It all worked out very nicely.  

Duke took these pics...


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