Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Fool!

Merry Christmas brothers and sisters and happy birthday Santa!  I hope you all got some sweet cycling goodies and are enjoying time with loved ones.

Yesterday Dan and I sniffed out Buffalo creek and we were able to ride to the bridge near Rosenfeld.  We skirted the edge of the creek to find some snow/traction.  I fell down about 5 times and have sore legs today.  I encourage you all to take advantage of this weather and sniff out any creek you can - it's beautiful and makes you feel like a bad-ass.  I also lost my *bleep*ing camera somewhere between the 4H horse stables and Niakwa Pizza (best burgers in Altona).  I'm hoping a good samaritan sees the cool pictures of pastor Dan riding on the creek and returns them in exchange for a clear conscience and some good karma.  JS

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