Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It may be Valentine's Day but he should've picked a better day.  Kiss your partner or ride your bike or if it's love (twue wuve), you might be able to do both.  8:00 at my place.

Paul K told me he needs money.  I told him get in line.  He told me people still need to pony-up for their woolies.  Sooo, if you have not payed up...Pay up already once!  If you refuse, you will be forced to draft behind DB during his sweaty rides.  And they're ALL sweaty rides.


  1. I will have to miss the bromance of our Thursday eve tryst. But my Valitimes date is with an MRI machine at BTHS compliments of a Christmas Day ride that was no present.

  2. Tomorrow (February 15th) is Winter Bike to Work Day. Check out the website and do it!