Friday, April 5, 2013

ThNR Report

Calling Giles’ bike stolen may have been premature.  Forgotten would have been more accurate.  Going to school, substitute teaching, a new job, selling and buying a house, 3 young kids and preparing to leave for holidays will do that to a guy.  Giles left his bike at school when he was a sub.  He found it 11 days later, leaning against the wall where he had put it.  Absent mindedness meets small town goodness.  Sometimes it works.
12 of us cycled around town and found that the puddles were turning to ice.  There were several close calls but we managed to make it back to the clubhouse unscathed.  Minutes include: Gavin shared how he proposed to Joanne during a job interview, March madness broken leg video, Giles uses sandpaper and bleach to cure poison ivy, the cross country ski crowd is enjoying their extended season, James shared his story about his perfect 180 bike slide, Steve limped in with a broken leg (don’t worry, his snowmobile is fine), Steven reminded me about the advertised sausage sticks which were promptly consumed while Giles showed his impressive/disturbing sausage skills, Whiteshell camping promises to be wicked-awesome, Tom suggested team ABES 2014 for Quiz Night, gravel road routes and grass track racing potential, small town good and evil, and Shaun showed us how he spills beer on himself. 

Here are some very terrible pictures of good times...

I remembered, I remembered!
Curt likes what he sees 
Bruiser is ready to catch up on his soap operas
Bruisers hardware 

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