Friday, April 12, 2013

ThNR Report

10 dudes showed up to ride around town.  James was riding a new bike - his brothers old Sekini which had been stored indoors for 30 years and is in mint condition.  Score.  On the ride, Mike managed to blow out his derailleur and Curt was kind enough to push him home.  My crank was feeling cranky but I was able to manage.  By the time we retired to the clubhouse, soggy pants and the Jets prevailed.  Minutes include: lost laptops, Albert is going to Moab next week, getting locked out of your hotel room, Dan severed a tendon in his hand which has resulted in The Tickler, we're all trying to be cool but are actually seething, the awesomeness of McCain's cakes, and BS DS is planning the DTWAT TTWAD (Time Trial With A Difference) for next week.  Good times.

Old school styles - James AND his new bike
Giles and Shaun getting sloppy

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