Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday Night Ride Report

There was a large contingent of ABES on hand last night: Pole Vaulter, Duke, Douche Bag, James, Albert, Steve, Chaz, Dan, Steven, Tom and I enjoyed riding in spring like temperatures.  At 9 pm it was an amazing + 6 degrees.  It was still + 2 when I got home at 1 am.  Weird.   Our ride took us around the edges of town, we attempted to ride on the pond but were scared off by the slick, wet conditions, then we zipped through the SC course before retiring to the clubhouse.  Minutes include: the Swedish chef wins gold – bork bork bork, cycling to the south pole, the Grand Prix results, cool ABES wives, Italian sounding bike names (Norcoli), Cooperall hockey long pants, Freddie Mercury sound/look-alike, holidays = more craps, Dukes sweet homemade shirt, Tom is getting drunk this summer, silkscreen options at Miller, wooden fenders, paying for beer is expensive (versus free), Dwad Suckockzky was absent and was mocked accordingly, glow bikes, A-HA (take on me), and Cerebral Paulsy.  Good times.  JS


  1. For the record, I also rode my bike then drank some beer last night.

  2. Sorry to miss the ride, any good weather these days is a bonus!

    On the GOOD NEWS front the CX bike is back in action! Many thanks to Mr. Toews over at BAC for bringing her back to life.

  3. P.S. Duker, I want one of those tees!