Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Reports

It was a busy weekend of bikey goodness.   On Saturday Dan, Charles and I tried to navigate the creek.  The ice was stupid slippery, but we were stupider.  We rode for 3.5 hours and rode as fast as we could - about 5 km/h.  I stopped counting full-out spills at about a dozen, Dan had even more than I did and Charles was the steadiest on his fat tires and studs.  There were ridable sections when enough snow drifted for traction, but there were rolling mounds of ice that were hard to see until you were sliding down on your ass.  We came upon a private motocross track that had a sweet layout (future race), Charles brought everybody hot chocolate, exploring on bike is fun, and the burgers were burger flavored. Good times.

Charles submitted these photos...


Sunday was race day at the MotoX track.  With 7 racers, everybody medalled in either the 4, 3, 2 or 1 lap race.  The course was in good condition and it was fun to get back and ride out there again.  Thanks for the race David.

Cheryl took these pictures...


  1. I followed your tracks on Saturday afternoon for about a mile on the creek, 3 miles south of the 201. It was a bit stupid. I got back on the road.

  2. I was at the track at 2:30 PM every was gone so I did a lap - do I win a prize?