Monday, January 9, 2012

A friendly race anyone?

Remember how excited Ben was about racing?  And winning five bucks?

I've been a bad ABE so far this year.  Missing last weeks ThNR was a good choice, albeit a difficult one.  For those of you who don't suffer from occasional insomnia it might be impossible to encourage missing such a beautiful night for riding.  For those of you who do you're probably nodding your head in quiet agreement.  And this week is no better...working Thursday night (please be at the bar past midnight so I can at least drink beer with you!)

So what do I propose?  A race!  Temperatures are dipping mid-week but the weekend forecast looks good.  Sunday afternoon anyone?  Maybe, 1:30ish?  It was duly noted that this might interfere with the Athena Sunday ride.  "NAY", I say!  Interfere never, only supplement.  The ladies can still go about their usual Sunday frivolity.  We'll head off to the Park to try our hand at the Southern Cross course before it gets snowed under (if that ever happens) and afterwards the hardy ladies of Altona can cycle and hang at the publican to their hearts content.

So race?  This Sunday?  1:30?  Let me know what you think....



  1. this is interesting.....maybe winkler will join you

  2. Oh my! Out of town guests? We'll have to get some buns and cheese for Faspa!

    I rode the course tonight. Well, I rode half of the course. Then spectacularly wiped out right in front of a couple of teenagers making out in a car. All is good. Only my fragile ego (and elbow and shoulder) are bruised.

    Course looks great though!

  3. Okay. More than my ego was bruised last night...

  4. You ok? The trails around the pond are more treacherous than great.

    ...hang at the publican?

    See you Thursday after midnight (Eric Clapton). JS

  5. How about we start a little earlier? 1:00?

  6. You're such a f'in control freak Wiebe! it is.