Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thursday Night RIde

Thursday Night Ride – meet at my place at 9:00.  
There has been talk of a creek ride.
Reminder – Barn Cross is on Sunday.  This will be history in the making.  If you like good times you should plan on being there.  
Does anybody have a bike rack I could use on Sunday; either a hitch (1¼”) or a strap-on (giggle)?


  1. Everyone knows what happened last time you used a strap-on...mine and Steven's bikes got fucked.

  2. So will it be a creek ride? If it is I need to get my mountain bike ready, cause the summer tires on my road bike wont cut it.

  3. Don't listen to my suggestions. My instincts are usually wrong. You should wear jeans and sneakers though.

  4. Johnny,
    Depending on what kind of doors you have, my roof top bike rack could be available. It hold 2 bikes fork mount and 2 bikes clamped to the bottom tube. Contact me if you want to try it.
    Charles K

  5. Thanks Chaz, I think I'll shy away from a roof rack right now. Thanks for the offer though.