Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thursday Night, Saturday Morning and Sunday Afternoon

Thursday Night Ride - my place at 9.  

To add to the local cycling options…I had intended on taking a leisurely and lengthy creek ride on Saturday morning.  I can’t seem to get enough of the creek rides; the adventure and the new terrain are exciting (and slightly scary).

I suggest we start from Neuhorst and cycle our way north along the creek to highway 201 then go straight to Niakwa Pizza for the best burgers in town.  Let me know if your interested.  We’ll meet at my place at 9:30.

DSwat made the call for a cross race this Sunday.  Sounds good.  Very good in fact.  More details are coming?  



  1. Details. Hmmm.....

    Well primadonna Swiebo seems to need it to start at one so I guess we can oblige. Other than that no details needed. We'll do a lap (possibly with some light ground cover?) which should establish the route. I'm thinking eliminating the whirlybird might be good but otherwise the course holds up nicely. A light bit of snow would be great actually. Help us see where to go. So anyways, one warmup lap and then we race. Lets say either a one lap version or a three lapper? I'll leave it to the Thursday night crowd to discuss and decide.

  2. Any details about Saturday after last night's meeting? Wasn't able to ride yesterday but would like to ride the creek tomorrow.