Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunday race!

Before reading this please check out the previous post.  Sorry for over-posting JS.

So I checked out the Moto Park X this afternoon and have good news...its raceable!  The track is fairly hard and not too rutty.  A little bit of pebbly stuff here and there but all and all was able to ride it no problem.

The majority of the track looks like this

The worst of the snow - only a couple of inches

So here are the details.  Meet at the Moto Park X at 1 Pm.  We'll have a warm up lap (if needed) and then race.  Choose your laps.  1 lap race and a 3 lapper?  1, 2 and 3?  We'll decide then.


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  1. Nice job David. Good to hear Moto 10 is in good condition, Sunday is going to be fun. Is there a post race daycare/warm-up shack available?

    I hope I fall less than I did today on the creek - it was hellaslippery. Sorry Dan - heckaslippery. JS