Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Duke, David, Shaun, Giles, Tom, Paul W, Paul K and I rode on the mildest October Thursday night ride in ABES history.    
Giles makes a rare appearance
Shaun LOVES it
Steve gives his approval 
Paul W cruising along 
Tom is happier than he looks
moments before IT happened
The ride was also the first time 911 was called to provide care to a fallen rider.  David was leading the ride on his road bike when in the darkness mistakenly rode off a mountain bike jump.  He endoed hard and bounced to the bottom of the hill in a crumpled heap.  Steve B took charge like a stud.  David thought we should call 911 so we did.  He was assessed and eventually walked away from the scene.  It was scary.  One of the EMS attendants did not like me documenting the incident.  She obviously does not follow our blog.  Or know about David’s cache of innapropriate pictures.

David at the bottom of the jump.  Paul looking for the baby.
He's going to be all-right! 
EMS is on the scene

Signing the release form
We slowly rode back to the clubhouse where we were joined by James, Paul B. and our Rostern member Jeff.  Clubhouse Minutes include: Paul B’s “As Awkward as Possible Moving Company”, Grandma Dynamite – she’s the right girl if you want to be wrong, gourmet dog food, how to high five (look at their elbow), nice boot/bs, Saturday night poker, Smurfette V Betty Rubble V Judy Jetson, stretch and strengthen = mennonite yoga, Dazed and Confused, Paul K reading his short story at McNally Robinson, a Southern Cross eve wing-ding at the Krahn barn (possibly), and James will organize the October alley cat.  Possible race themes were ABES crash sites revisited, classic rock, and David is Dumb.  Good times.  JS

Jbucks pontificates and Paul looks for comfort from above - aka TSN
Shaun is testing new glazes for the Southern Cross Plates.

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  1. Welcome to the big leagues boys. You only qualify as a real bike klub after 911 has been called.

    Glad to hear everything was okay.