Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

It was a great night for a ride - the weather was perfect and whenever Jeff Loeppky rolls into town the BS and the good-times meter goes to 11.  James, Shaun, Tom, Wolters, Bruce, David, Albert, Curt, and I (who am i forgetting) started out the night with some riding, knock-downs on ice that were way too slick for knock-downs, but good for skid competitions.  James is the undisputed skid mark champion.  I had a flat and had to hike it home.  We met Duke, Jeff, Nadine and Russell at the clubhouse but there was not a chair to be had - it seems that anybody who has family in Altona was home for the holidays.  The clubhouse had let us down.  We are a resilient bunch so we loaded up my beer buggy and headed down to Duke's heated garage.  It was awesome.  Albert stepped up with a couple of boxes of Old Dutch, Curt bought a box of Dark on behalf of the bike shop and the "colour" TV gave us the sports highlights we crave.  Schiesse and Paul B rounded out the garage crew where minutes include: CMU's out of bounds program, Jennifer Hedger is beautiful and says "Hey", school teacher crushes, 15 year old rum, the Red Wings in Minnie and other holiday plans were discussed.  The main event was the presentation of The Bet.  Good times.  JS

Shaun displays his new wheels.
Crow's feet lacing installed by Shaun.
David takes out Curt in a game of knock-down
Bruce skids and leans.  He was no match for James D.
Beer Buggy is loaded and ready to roll
David is ready to enjoy Jeff's meat
So much to smile about
Rainbow trout fished out of Jeff's pond
David soaking up the win
Alternative clubhouse goodness
David soaking up the win.

This party is OVER.

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  1. Nice mancave. Wish I coulda been there.

    Merry Christmas, Southern Brothers!