Friday, April 18, 2014

Maundy Thursday Race Report

DSwank organized a maundy/easter themed race for a small group of regulars.  Shaun, Paul, Franklin and I rode together until Franklin, aka Judas, sprinted to the clubhouse to have his feet washed by Mr. Pioneer Meat - for the win.  Well done Franky you beautiful backstabbing bastard.  Duke, Dan, James and Lyle joined us at clubhouse where Duke insists he told a student to turn off their pants, cx rules, races and bikes were bandied, Paul was nominated to be the Saturday morning road ride coordinator, "by just 4 points" BS, ABES 5th anniversary coffee table book, Lyle is expecting a baby and has a beautiful glow, we were serenaded by teenaged boys, Cuyuna attendance is hovering at 30 people (right arm!), David can't take a hint and totes ma goats.  The post clubhouse party was in Lyle's garage where we saw a lot of pretty bikes and drank Franklin's winnings.

Last weekend team ABES, consisting of David, James, Myron, Shaun, Tom, Franklin, Paul, and I competed at the West Park School Quiz Night Fundraiser.  We flexed our collective big brains to dominate the 36 team field.  In the end it was ABES MVP Stompin' Tom Dueck that let our team to victory.  We are officially the smartest of the smrt.  Yaa teamwork!

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